Trump holds the title as a 2024 contender for GOP

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De Santis as his running mate, or do you prefer someone else?
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I would prefer Trump as the King of the world from tomorrow til his dying day,
and then I want Tulsi to take over.
That is what I want.

This I'm not sure about somehow.
Candace Owens is a better idea.
Not wanting to ruin your fun lindsy but something tells me it will not work out.
AWESOME! head banger
Odds Givers put The Don as the Favorite to take POTUS in '24 - 40% to 10% over Ol' Joe.

In the '22 Mid-Terms -
'Trump Backed 'Publicans bode Well to take the House & Senate -
76% for Senate / 85% for House ...

That'd set the stage for a MASSIVE Clean Sweep - Prez, House & Senate - in '24.

1st time in US History a FUTURE Prez would Stack Congress To HIS Liking ...
Ready to hit the Ground Running to undertake His program the Day After His Inauguration.

THEN ... Stand By For SERIOUS Swamp Draining, Y'all ...
devil .. BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!

As for Veep - DeSantis appears to be the obvious choice.
He'd carry the Vital swing state of Florida for the ticket.

He'll turn 49 yo in '28 & would be Positioned to carry on Trump's policies.


In Retrospect -
The Don LOSING in '20 ... And Ol' Joe & the 'Crats Screwing The Pooch So EPICALLY -
May've Advanced The Don's MAGA Revolution More'n Winning Ever Could've.

I Like Tulsi - But Realistically ...
DeSantis Locking Up Florida's 30(!) Electoral Votes will likely get him tapped for Veep.

How so Grand? If I may ask?
Let's start campaigning Shawn, are you with me?wave
Massive clean sweep is good Mic
That's tlay out favored as of now Mic. What happened to Cruz? Texas is a big win, too isn't it?
Yeah, the republicans are very much under his thumb like slaves chained to an old fat fart. He might get reelected because there's plenty of stupid farmers in Rural America. Of course, that assumes he's not found guilty of tax fraud before laugh

Don't forget, there's a probe currently ongoing on don dump's big (tax) steal. Stop the steal! stop the steal! laugh
There must be growth, and I feel the R's throw him in cos they have nobody else.
Like they are not more behind him now than they were before. That ain't enough.
Better to build it from the ground up, inspired by Trump and his movement.

Like they know he will fail but at lest the loss will not be so big
and the Republicans can continue as a party like before.

I would much more believe in this if the R's was not involved with all them deep state rhinos.
He should either start his own party or not run again.
He will be the new Bernie in a way, set up for failure but he moved in voters.
Your wet dream of Trump behind bars you can forget about teddy.
He's untouchable like Hillary (why you think he left her alone?)
He didn't earn the nick teflon Don for nothing. (mostly cos their cases had no substance)
Ten can you please be reasonable?
The solid support he gets being on GOP ticket will be solid as a brick against the division of voters if he were to create his own party.
Well.... in theory he will win in 2024.
And the good thing is that many a younger person these days are starting
to call themselves conservative. Meaning R?
So ok let's cross the fingers here then.
You know me, all I want is his stuff to prevail.
Hope it will work out.
I would also like to add that the chance of forming a much needed 3rd party
will be lost maybe for good now that he don't do it.
He could seriously have started it with Tulsi and...
many a liberal in the true sense of the word
would have voted for them instead of D's.
I think they could have made it.

But sure, that would have been a revolution.
Yes, I think it'd be better to keep the ticket under GOP.
Ol' Joe's the Sitting Prez - Who's Generally regarded as "Leader Of His Party" -
And he can't even get Call Backs from 'Crats when he OFFERS To Endorse 'Em ... talk to hand

Honestly -
He'd be More valuable to 'Crats Dead than Alive -
Death as a Career Move, as the sayin' goes.

IF .. Let's say, he got popped ... They could sell him as their Martyred Leader -
And use it to push their Gun Control Agenda ...
"Never let a good crisis go to waste."
- Saul Alinsky

I wouldn't put it past the DNC to have him offed - And try to pin it on "Proud Boys".

Only Two things Might make the DNC think twice 'bout euthanizing the Senile Ol' Fool -
It'd be TOO OBVIOUS that They Did It.
Kacklin' Kamala's approval ratings are - Incredible as it Seems - Even LOWER'n OL' JOE'S!!

Can't rule out The Possibility, though.
If Ol' Joe gets capped Prior to the Mid-Terms ... Y'all heard it Here First.

Ok, just remember that many a GOP'r are not part of the movement.


Well, frankly that's John Gotti's name.

I agree it's hard to convict Don dump as he's well connected, but we'll wait and see. It's not impossible. Fingers crossed.
Mic tge kackling bird is lower? Hahaha just our luck.
Well, woukd you be kind enough to explain to me why and how I was being unreasonable please? Ta.
Yes they are too.teddybear
Farmers weren't the only ones who supported him. Second steal to be stopped isn't in his lap. Reasonable as using your brain that he's not as bad as you think.

Come on. Google this: Trump's accomplishments as a president. Yes?
He's a 1 term president. That is like saying that on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is the best president ever and 0 is the worst president ever, Trump would score between 0 and 2. What does that tell you? It tells you that on the 8th of Nov 2022, America stated that Trump is one of the worst presidents that America ever had the displeasure to have to endure.
Never mind that. He's facing a threat of criminal prosecution in Georgia. I believe a grand jury has already been picked for that.
Trump and Palin

tunes for the thought

And you're not hearing me when I tell you to use reason in your arguments. Nov, 8, 2022. Hmmmmnnn let's see, shall we?
Did you read the allegations? If he violated any regarding a phone call he made. Then did you read that even if the jury (has to be unanimously done or it's useless), then indictment is as useless as it can be for for such goal.

Yes, the jury selection is completed. Then? I'd call it BS.
Swamie, can't be opened
You're right jones. My bad. I meant 3rd of Nov 2020. My bad.
Ted, can you think for yourselves? Did you ever watch a Trump rally (you should).

Did you ever look into what Trump did (politically), not what he said?

Did you notice he fixed the eminent threat from Kim Jung Un?
Were you against fracking and pipelines and that bit?
Was the wall so dumb when you consider the cartels control the whole Mexican sector?
Was protecting American car industry by toll borders on import wrong, or ok?
Doing similar to Chinese products, at least as a bargaining card.
Did you notice Trumps reached out had to the African American community
(inner cities and prison reform)
through his right hand man Ben Carson?
Was his friendship with Putin a guarantee against what now is gong on in Ukraine
with even your and mine safety on the line with the nuclear threat and all.
Did not Trump go by a "bring the boys back home" anti war line.

There is more good stuff too.... but you only care about the tax-returns
of a man who never took a dime for his 4 year prez service.

Anyways, I expect also this effort to be futile. moping
Trump, Palin 2024 outlook

Of course it's futile because your parroting Trump! Lol. How could you be that gullible?!

1. Fixed kim? Lol. He has and always had the nukes. Trump or no Trump.

3. You can't protect the border with a few rusted iron beams. That was a waste of billions of US tax payer money.

Friendship with putin a guarantee of what? Of not allowing Ukrain to join NATO, thus allowing putin to have it his way? Trump had and has no Friendship with putin. Trump was simply putin's puppet.

Jesus.. I mean, this is naivety to an extreme!
trump was the best u.s. president the globe has seen in decades. so many billions did better and yet deny it. how are they doing now? the success of trump in contrast the failures now are pretty damned obvious.

kristi noem would make a good running mate. i like desantis but i still think trump's successes still out way any career politician. desantis does not want the position of president, or so he says. i don't think kristi does either. why would they agree to becoming v.p.?

any of the three or combination there of would be fine with me. given a choice, i'd still rather the outsider certain politicans and their cronies can't stand.

failures often rail against the good the loudest.
That's right. The "find me some votes to overturn Biden's victory" thing. Goes to show what a massive loser this old man is. He doesn't have a shred of honest in him. Best president my foot.

I'm happy that you believe in Jesus.
It's futile to talk to people that refuse to accept the truth.
And they have proof for that conversation? You're just as irrational as a child full of innocence. Listen did you ever think it's a set up? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Oh your ignorance is rising Ten now you're just as low as Oner.
G I will give my perspective on the GOP that will propel his win.
The reason why he sticks with GOP.
Even though we expect a solid force coming from a party that wants to carry the banner of leadership there's always going to be someone out there gurgling with the idea of being a separatist. It was the case of Graham last time. Having said that, GOP is by far a more success oriented party provided they would embrace the goal of serving for the people. This last two years is nothing short of a very disastrous leadership. Here and across the globe.

Provided the election results will not be rigged, there's no way it can win again. The party GOP, that is.

For my response Grand cheers
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