FROM INDIA WITH LOVE Part 8 section B Meeting on the beach.

Crown had a shower and put on some navy blue shorts suitable for swimming, and a pale blue sea island cotton polo shirt. It was 5:30pm and he decided to make his way to the beach for his meeting with Teen. He took a towel with him in case he decided to have a swim. It was sunny and hot, and when he walked on the golden sand, he could feel the warmth through his blue yachting footwear. He looked across at where he thought Teen would be and yes, there was a blue and white umbrella, but he didn't see her. When he got closer he saw her towel. He decided to sit on a nearby rock and wait. As he gazed out to sea watching the gentle waves hit the shore, he saw a head at first, then a body emerge. It was Teen. She removed some goggles from her eyes and stood for a moment. The sun on her body created an image of what to Crown looked like a goddess. She untied her hair and shook her head. The dark long hair cascaded to her shoulders. She wore a pale turquoise bikini with thin gold straps and a bottom section with gold ties at each side, She looked at Crown, smiled and approached him.
Hi, Jack. Pass my towel, would you.
Crown reached for her towel and held it open. Shall I dry your hair?
She turned her back to him, and he started to gently rub it dry. She asked, Last night, Jack, you didn't return my kiss. Don't you like me?
Of course I do. I resisted the temptation. We had only just met and I thought you would think less of me if I had tried to kiss you.
She turned to face him and put her arms round his neck. Would you think less of me if I kissed you now Mr Crown? She reached up and kissed him. He released the towel and held her close. They were locked together and enjoyed the moment of extreme passion between each other. After a few moments, Teen took Crown's hand and said, Come and sit with me and tell me about what happened last night.
Crown gave a detailed description of the nights action, and Teen was amazed that they had been followed since leaving the cafe.
I was questioned at the embassy this morning, and I said I knew nothing, which was true. They have become a bit suspicious of me though.
Crown said that a plan had been worked out for them both to leave India, and he needed to explain the details to her. Are you available this evening? Perhaps we could have dinner at my place. I'll order some food and we can discuss what action we must take. I've spoken with Tarak and Dan Casey. It's all been sorted. We just need your cooperation.
Yes, that's fine. She replied. Promise you won't laugh?
Laugh? Why?
I have a motor bike. It's great around town. I'll come on that.
Crown laughed. Ok. That's fine with me. You could arrive on a camel if you wish.
Good. I'll see you at about 8:30. I shall have to get changed now and get home. I'll see you later then.
They embraced and kissed before Crown departed.

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Thanks. Appreciate your comments as always. I've got myself in the plot now so have to see it through. Takes imagination and always motivating to get any kind of feedback.
thumbs up
McBob also had a shower.
As he thought about pool service he was
Immediately refreshed knowing it was sabbath &
Didn't have to drive the big F...where he was almost
Killed again Friday in the heinous traffic.
...scene 2. The NRO called on the red phone.
McBob had to take it...
NRO.. hey sparky, what's with Crown ?
McBob....0h, black hat. He wants to ban firearms while writing epic Fiction.
NRO...sounds plausible...what's his Cover ?
McBob.... CStepford Institute. Dept. Of NO.
NRO... shalom
McBob...Roger ..that.
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