Here's Why A Ban On AR15 "Assault" Rifles Will NOT Prevent Mass Shootings

The AR15 & Mini 14 Are Ballistically Identical & Similar In Size. Differences Are Cosmetic.

The AR is a semi auto version of the current US M16 Battle Rifle -
The Mini 14 is a semi auto version of the prior US M14 Battle Rifle -
Scaled down to use the Same Ammo as the AR15.

The AR15 was designed in the '50s & was adopted by the US Military.
The Mini 14 was designed in the '60s & likely Would've been adopted by the US Military -except the AR15 had Already been been adopted.

The Mini 14 is available in Full Auto versions -
It's been adopted by a few countries for Law Enforcement & Military Use.

An "Assault" Rifle ban is Written to SPECIFICALLY ban rifles that Look Like the AR15 -
Also the semi auto versions of the AK47 -
The Soviet Battle Rifle that used .30 caliber ammo 'til the mid 70s

The Mini 14's Twin - The Mini 30 - is Ballistically Identical to an AK47.

The Minis 14 & 30 would NOT be banned under an "Assault" Rifle ban because they're Less Scary LOOKING Than the AR15 & AK47.

ANYTHING a mass shooter could do with an AR or AK could be done with a Mini
ONE SIGNIFICANT Difference separates AR15s from AK47s & the Minis -

ARs utilize a rear buffer tube that restricts the use of Folding Stocks.

AKs & Minis Can be fitted with Side or Under Folding Stocks to make them More Compact -

The PRIMARY Effect of an "Assault" Rifle would be that Pols would crow that they'd Done SOMEthing ...
And that'd make folks who Know Little/Nothing 'bout such things FEEEEL Warm & Fuzzy
very happy

It'd do Not A Damned Thing to PREVENT MASS SHOOTINGS.

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Another Alternative to the AR Platform is the SU16.

It's a Folding Rifle that does EVERYthing an AR can ... PLUS -
It can be made EXTREMELY Compact & Concealable.

The SU16ca version was designed EXPLICITLY to comply with California's Restrictions on Scary Guns ...
You are totally missing the point!

Its the easy access to fire arms that enables the mass shootings.

Can you simply or will you not see that?

Locking up all the crazies in the USA will also not work (there are obviously far too many, look how many voted for Trump).

Nor will turning schools into fortreses.

BANING GUNS making it very, very difficult to own one is the only answer.
I agree the only sensible thing to do but reckon America will not back paddle they will arm teachers next confused
People on here need to be locked up spouting way too much BS
Morning merc, yep not enough fun blogs anymore just harmless (sexy) grin fun wave wave
Best action is no action sometimes, correct? confused
Sorry NO action is what killed all those children and teachers very mad
It is well beyond a joke on the blogs..Popping on the blogs is like scraping at the end of a very filthy barrel

These numb nuts put up these shitty blogs because they're addicted to arguing

If you don't agree with them they climax
laugh sure can better ways to climax peace
I agree. Other countries didn't just stand there. They did something. Congress needs to get off their buts and do something.
Best is a bolt action (just kidding).
I give big thumbs up to that thumbs up
thumbs up batting
Oh so you do same wink laugh
I'd say you're missing it!
Criminals never had any difficulty procuring their Firearms!doh
In the 'mass shootings' blog today the OP made the case that mass shootings were conceivably planned by "bigger entities." confused

In which case we need to go after the bigger entities. Then the problem disappears.
Agreed handshake
What you describe Might Conceivably keep firearms out of the hands of potential malefactors.

MY POINT is that banning weapons based on SCARINESS OF LOOKS is Ridiculous.

As per turning schools into fortresses - That's hyperbole ...
And Hardening Schools has already been PROVEN Effective in INNER CITY SCHOOLS.
See @ 11:15
The assertion that kids would find such measures alarming doesn't hold water.

Any school age kid has Grown Up with such measure every time they've taken a plane to visit their grandparents or attended an MLB Ball Game.
To them - That's the Only Normal they've Ever KNOWN.

A couple years ago I set off a metal detector & was denied entry to an MLB Game cuz I forgot to leave my pocket multi-tool which includes a pen knife in the car.

That a Lunatic was able to get a RIFLE Through the propped open side door of a SCHOOL is ABSURDLY CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.

If ANYthing - Kids MUST Be wondering, "WHY are baseball fans given Greater Protection Than I AM???" ... sad
Cuz that's Dead On Balls EXACTLY The Message We've Sendin' 'Em.

Banning assault weapons didn't work in Australia, correct? dunno
I b'lieve my comments on said blog have been Somewhat misconstrued.

Y'all may check said blog ...

... And judge for y'all's Selves ... dunno

what Assault Weapons?confused
I was referring to what the writer of that particular blog had said actually. handshake
That is incorrect
i B'LIEVE the Aussie Ban prohibits ALL Semi Auto Rifles ... Also Pump Action Shotguns

I.E. - It regulates weapons based on FUNCTION Rather than SCARINESS OF APPEARANCE.

If my understanding of 'Strayan Law is incorrect -
I'll trust Merc to put us all Wise ... smile

Okay have the proper tool to's obvious Americans are afraid of each other needing bloody guns for protection..Have one gun..The gun that you hunt with use that at home for protection.

At one school shooting a teacher was armed &he wasn't able to stop the deaths of 17 kids

This latest shooting the bastard let rip 223 rounds..One little child was so ripped up his family wasn't allowed to view their child to give their final hugs.

Your greedy politicians giving into you selfish people all for the sake of bloody votes

As far as I'm concerned all you people who vote for kids to be slaughtered all have blood on your hands
Yeah my understanding is that action worked well in Australia. thumbs up

The GOP's apparent solution here is to harden the schools. rat-a-tat-tat.
Gotcha ... handshake

Summary: Australia’s 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) banned several types of firearms and resulted in the government buying hundreds of thousands of the banned weapons from their owners. Studies examining the effect of removing so many weapons from the community have found that homicides, suicides, and mass shootings were less common after the NFA was implemented, although such incidents were declining prior to 1996. The strongest evidence is consistent with the claim that the NFA caused reductions in firearm suicides, mass shootings, and female homicide victimization. However, there is also evidence that raises questions about whether, for at least firearm suicides, those changes can be attributed to the NFA or to other factors that influenced rates of these outcomes around the time the NFA was implemented.

Ban on importation, ownership, sale, resale, transfer, possession, manufacture, or use of all self-loading center rifles, all self-loading and pump action shotguns, and all self-loading rimfire rifles (some exemptions allowable to primary producers and clay target shooters)
Compensatory buyback scheme through which firearm owners would be paid the market value for prohibited firearms handed in during a 12-month amnesty
Registration of all firearms as part of integrated shooter licensing scheme
Shooter licensing based on requirement to prove “genuine reason” for owning a firearm, including occupational use, demonstrated membership of an authorized target shooting club, or hunting (with proof of permission from a rural landowner)
Licensing scheme based on five categories of firearms, minimum age of 18 years, and criteria for a “fit and proper person”
New license applicant required to undertake accredited training course in firearm safety
As well as license to own a firearm, separate permit required for each purchase of a firearm subject to a 28-day waiting period
Uniform and strict firearm storage requirements
Firearms sales to be conducted only through licensed firearm dealers and all records of sale to be provided to the police
Sale of ammunition only for firearms for which purchaser is licensed and limitations on quantities purchased within time period.
So people 18 can't buy alcohol in America but they can buy weapons of mass destruction
That's a Different Subject & worth consideration In it's Own Context.

Again -
MY POINT is that Regulating Firearms On The Basis of SCARY APPEARANCE rather than FUNCTION Is Ridiculous ... Downright SILLY.

doh ... FFS - READ the Article ... LOOK at the Damned PICTURES!!! ...
What The HELL's it Gonna TAKE 'Round Here?!?!

tip hat

@beachy that particular op thread was putting forward the idea that these demented shootings are politically motivated and promoted by shadowy figures in the wings. I interpret their meaning as being anti-NRA or something like that, perhaps being pro-democrat, who knows the depth of that idiocy. The author of this thread seems to agree at least in part with her. Preposterous thinking, but true to character.
The problem in my opinion is whilst the NRA continue fork out so much money to politicians who simply don't care about the slaughter of little kids then there is no safe bet anyone's child will be coming home from school in one piece because we all know these school shootings will continue..Blows my mind how the Republicans on here rant about their rights..Will it take one of their own to lay on a slab in a morgue till these people on here get it through their thick skulls that these gun laws aren't working?
Ban guns? Just like Hitler did in Germany? And they did it in China. And they did it in Russia. And Cuba......... France had a mass-shooting and they have some of the worse gun-nazi laws on the planet, but the murders still managed to kill people in France. Maybe we ought to ban murder. Oh, wait, we have. I guess the anti-murder laws need to be stiffer. Maybe we should just murder people that murder others, instead of trials, and lengthy prison terms.

Hitler murdered over 6 million Jews.

Never again!

There are Also Several incidents in the Currently Accepted Timeline of the event that have raised questions -
And WILL spawn Theories Of A Conspiratorial Nature For Years.
Know It.



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