On the 3rd day of pool season..

...my furry fellow Fresnans gave to me.
1 broken chair lift .( $700
2 broken lamps ( 50 ish
3 howling bowel movements
4...+ Entropy with UN knowable $pices
.... Thunderstruck. ) AC- DC
..2nd law .) Muse
C..God only knows ) beach boys...) . standby.

Liner Note. ) ..from the Actual case history of
Commercial pool service in the big F.
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Five .[ Dead ] Fresno ducks...
Six..more howlers laying shit
7 pretty good reasons to leave the biz.
8...a live exercise, the Gardner just used the pool & my vehicle as a target for his leaf blower.
rolling on the floor laughing

(howling bowel movements, oh Jesus!)

Oh but the fire went wild, and it burns,burns, burns, the ring of fire...

Good one Bob, about that pool job thumbs up
The strange & not funny thing is..
A. ) ..it be Sunday morning
B. eYe just finished the service
C. Having a lunch break...
D. ...typed up a blog in the moment
E. & Presto McChangO... Entropy
F. In the form of my Enemy..
G. Leaf blowers & their operators
H...( As English may have been his 4th Lang.
I. ..he may not of perceived how UNe ecessary
...his wind machine was.
J. McBob now has re serviced 30,000 gallons h20.
Keep rocking! I don't believe that you could ever run out of wind though!!!

Avo one of my favorites dancing
Tom Petty was the ultimate dude! beer

Keep Digging!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

That explains everything
But does not excuse everything.
Heeere’s Chucky !

Embedded image from another site
Ya'll be in trouble if eYe ever leave 1977. Cause it will be a ride ...E ticket.
..behold photo + graph.
... embassy | eYes only

The red men are coming. Old North Church..
1 if by land...two if by C.
3 if by Chuck. Or McBob.

Thanks D...help
This is what Chuck & black Reacher had
For breakfast...
Mother's milk & McBob CaterGarden.

8273. Hot | heat...E.
8274...heat + 3050.) Yah.
.........8275. r o E.) .rod of Empire
& The music lesson
Non- Fiction | the blasters
Leap of Faith .| I. Q.
C... achtung baby! Yhwh/ U 3
Howling bowel movements... rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks for la bumpage

Bob has a way with words
awwwwww kittens are so cute!!! heart wings
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