FROM INDIA WITH LOVE Part 8C Dinner at Crowns

Later that evening, Crown had a few things to sort out before Teen's arrival. He needed to order food, which he did by speaking to Rick's cafe and requesting them to provide a suitable dinner, which Siddique would collect and bring to his apartment for 8:30pm. He was contacted and agreed. The other item on the agenda was to send a message to London and advise the current position. This read as follows:-
Director of operations
Have contacted customer. Two interested parties no longer around. Will obtain goods tomorrow. Transport arranged. Will confirm when deal executed.

Crown showered and put on his blue suit with white cotton shirt and navy silk tie. He was ready in time to hear a knock on the door, which when opened revealed the glamorous looking Teen. She was wearing an evening dress in aubergine colour and of lightweight satin material. It was full length, sleeveless and had a plunging neckline, showing an enticing amount of cleavage.
Well, she said, Are you going to just stare at me, or let me in?
Sorry, replied Crown, I was just thinking how beautiful you look.
Why thank you Mr Crown, You are too kind. she said in a humorous tone.
He stood to one side to allow her in.
It was an effort to get here on my bike, which is in fact a motor scooter, thankfully. I would have found it difficult to spread eagle my legs in this dress on a motor bike.
You appear to have managed it perfectly, said Crown. Can I get you a drink? Is champagne ok? I've arranged for Siddique to bring food that I've ordered from Rick's place. Is that ok with you?
Yes to the champagne, and yes to the food. That meal we had was good and I'm starving.
Have a look around while I get the drinks.
Teen walked onto the balcony and felt the cool breeze drift from the sea. The sky was slightly red with tinges of ochre and blue. Great view, Jack she said.
Yes, It's a great apartment. There's some music on the table in there, if you wish to put it on.
She picked up a compact disc, placed it on the player and selected a track.
Here's your drink, Teen.
Thanks. The music started to play. I love this song, Jack.
Yes. So do I. Windmills of Your Mind. Never get tired of listening to it.
Teen put down her drink and moved closer to Crown. She put her head against his chest. He kissed her neck and ears and they embraced. He held her face with both hands and kissed her lips gently. She responded with more pressure and passion.
There was a knock on the door and they reluctantly parted. Crown welcomed Siddique who was carrying cartons of the ordered food. Thanks Siddique. You're brilliant. Can I pay what I owe you tomorrow morning? I shall need you at 10am to take me to Tarak's office.
Ok, Mr Crown. See you tomorrow. Enjoy your evening.
Crown closed the door and carried the food into the kitchen.
We'll sort it out together Jack, if you tell me where the plates are.
They are in the oven warming.
Good thinking, replied Teen.
The now plated meal was on a round table near the balcony. Crown had refilled the glasses and they began to eat while he explained the plan that had been agreed earlier in the day.
So, It's up to you to tomorrow to obtain the cypher and get it out of the building. I thought that you could arrange a taxi to take you to the railway station at Delhi. We would meet you at around 6pm and depart to the Air base. I know it won't be easy for you and there are great risks involved, but do you think you can manage the task?
I will try my best, said Teen. As long as it's a normal working day and nothing unusual happens. I should be able to conceal the machine in my sports bag and leave the building. I'll get a taxi for 5:30pm. and then look for you near the station entrance.
Good. So that's clear then said Crown. Before I forget, have you got a spare key to your flat? She reached for her handbag and took one of the two keys off a ring.
Having got things sorted, they continued their meal.

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continued in part D
Thanks merlot. You're a star.

Jack Crown
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Merlot..... Did you see part D? And what did you think?
Classy. wine
Thanks merlot. Someone with taste.
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That's better Teen. Show some appreciation. I am your protector.
sweetheart.... you are

always (maarthahai muje)
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