It's not so funny

That we don't talk anymore...
its a regret sad

Where's Nam?


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Wild expedition last I heard he went on a long haul in search of? My guess is trucking and people need thing.

Nam drives a big truck you know...
Yes Swamie, I know wave
and I also know the worst with too many storms, sometimes there can be one too many.

If I am gone when and if he comes back, well at least ...... he'll know.
enough said.

G'night & G'luck wine
Looks like someone is missing someone I'd say.
where are most peopledunno
Perhaps write another blog claiming his son contacted you to say nam had died

Last time that brought him back from the dead double quick

tip hat "Carmen" hug ... wink

yes itchy he sure is a miss on here
He said he would leave because the conversation had died. Nobody reacted so he left. But he left us with a good blog on a controversial subject. Well done I say. cheers
Thanks Merlot handshake
I wasn't aware he had said or made any such comment.
Not only has he left leaving behind A good blog, but a whole load of many of them, along with a string of good memories.

One has to learn to appreciate and accept the bad with the good "sometimes" roll eyes
depending the friendship.

Such a pity one didn't know then what she knows now....
nothing is guaranteed, not even calm after all storms.

where ever he may be.... wine

Ps, thanks all for the other comments wave

well most of them anyway roll eyes wink
Yes indeed. I'm praying for him Mickey. It's been a long time since I heard from him.
Incase you haven't noticed, the gates are now closed ....
you are trespassing in other words spam

but since its your goodself Ms Jones hug
I'll give you A whole five minutes to move it before I set the dogs on you.
My bad Ms Witch. Ok, I'm running off.teddybear
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