Renovazione de la Italiana

Anybody see the beauty in this? (Let me know if the link don't open)
It's cheap too. Yea I know.. takes some effort and you will not get it back in risen value.. eh besides estetique that is.

I somehow love the idea to get to Italia and start a new life there.
In the long run this place will bloom.

This one is close to Cremona.

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Oh with care of two people, it will be a prize possession. I'm sure. Can I apply?cheering
It's all in Italian. I will try to translate it otherwise you can just tell me what it says.
I only looked at the photos lindsy, you saw them?
Trees growing into the roof and water damage here and there and... way too tall to work with and etc etc... laugh
I can't get into view that Oz conversing

But if you don't mind, get your hands off my dream scold
@Celtic. "get out of my dreams, get into my car!" wink

Eh it's a 44.000Euro two floor classic italian house in beautiful green surroundings not far from the historic city of Cremona. In need of rather grande ( ..) renovation. But with all the time in the world you know it's okay, no stress. Stress is for northerners haha.
Time stands still down there as far as I'm concerned.
Yes, it's two story. Slab walls and over grown bushes. I will try to post it.
This is a lot of hard work and money I'm sure but a very promising investment.
Thanks for the photo Lindsy!
I can't do much on these computers you see... but give me some materials and I'll go to work on that house! dancing
Coming up. Make sure there's a thorough inspection to make sure we know what we're up against. Sometimes it's cheaper to build a new one. Well planned and not too big. This looks too big for my taste of retirement. Garden and sun is a must.
Love it ""get out of my dreams, get into my car!" wink

Now aren't you the one with a way with words batting

I've always Loved Italy or was that France.... smitten

Thanks for the upload Ms Jones handshake

That would be some nice project to take on wine
It looks like a huge project indeed Ms. Witch. But if there's enough time and money, I'm sure it's possible to make it livable for anybody who has both time and money. teddybear
Indeed Ms Jones wine
time and money a long with a whole bunch of professionals.

Whatt?? I'm the proffesionale.. mumbling
I just need a team of 3-4 20year old polacs with large biceps
who will accept payment in piwo pr h (jk) laugh
This home has a very small lot. I wander about the interior depending on the condition of the roof, which isn't very clear in the photos.

What's wrong with the Amalfi area? There are a lot of property steals there presently, Grand. Beautiful cast line there, and, as well as local rail transportation, high-speed rails to get you elsewhere quickly and comfortably. Deciding which side of a train stop I needed to be on in Italy to go the direction I wanted was a problem for me sometimes. I am sure my family living there could help you with any financing needs for restoration work.

doh wonder not wander. Coast not cast laugh
Thank you galrads!

No part of Italy is ruled out. That house was an example.
You'd be first to know if it materializes. I'm kinda keen in the idea, have to admit.
[quote galrads]I am sure my family living there could help you with any financing needs for restoration work.uh oh
I don't like it at all as it looks very creepy..My son didn't like Italy either.

But hey do what is right for you
I might just try it out and if I hate the place I'll move in with you and your son pronto! lips purple heart
He probably meant to hold my hand in the Bank. comfort
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