...r . a. n g e ( .12.

Tag. | .time Out.
...a. Non Fiction ). The blasters
b. 2nd law. .) . muse.
.....C.... achtung ! .yhwh ) U 3. .) FM [email protected] speed.
2. . .psalm 2 .) . blur.
1. Superposition / young the Giant.
.. operative vs. | .I S A 13:3 .+ .psalm 2 ....
...what happens when bono Certified math
Bumps into the bored Account ant ? ? ) .time is burnt.
A collapsing wave..) .a col lap sing wave . ) ..
Having simultaneous ) .past. ) present. & Future
Implications...) . ramifications..) imagination..&
Blowback..blow back..( ie, time wasted, NY times.
The thing does not stop...it hunts & hertz ..with
Addenda.) .all the time...
...hence the Superposition above is the bad dream of the ancient people. For when ever 2 or more elders
Are meeting & there is no mention of Torah or yah,
It constitutes a session of witchcraft.
Towards Eternity .) . Ward
..did you hear me ? ) .red light district.
I've found what I'm...., yhwh / U 3
..also ran. ) ..to be continued .) I. Hayes.
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..has a Terra Firma for the tread of thought
Broader than a Continent
Co- extensive with the Universe..- J Eaton, 1871.

..time flys while having fun..- maxim.
..time is fun when eating flies.- the Amphibian.
Eating time is funner...et Cetera..
Further Emphasis
..the statue got me high ) they might be giants.
Gigantic .) Pixies
Stargazer ) . rainbow.) Re, the First king, Gilgamesh, Osiris, Nimrod, gad, Apollo, Mithra..
[ E pluribus Unum. ]
Note., The 1st king was a GIANT among men.
His constellation .) O R I O N...( ..the hunter.
His $ign... Capricorn
Behold, Le Cat // El tac..
.. chasing it's tail...( Continuos ..Action loop.
.a..) hallelujah ! / Buckley
b. Y H W H . ) U 3 ..[.Bono, Edge, ripper the Empath.
.pop quiz | this time Long ago./ Guess who ?

.. remember the Formula...
1234. .open..} .the door
.......3087. yah is right.
4321. .who is like yah ?
.... strong Concordance... Madison NJ 1890.
Parkinson invoked..
..sub Ordinance + whimzee..
( Which can only mean...
..the burning color Co Ordinates..
Gold . } Interference
... technical difficulties / racer X.
..please stand by .| .the Outer Limits....
.....Astro physics for the Limited donkey...
D E M O L I $ H...6 2 0 9..( .strong #.
..out of blue..........2250..
Into the red............o124.
.white light............3835.
...star spangled banner ) ripper the Empath
.space program .| Tribe called..Quest.
Logical .) $ P 0 C K....)..there is a problem with your tell A vision. Service and / or services up Grade are
Recommend @ this Time. There is a spin thing missing in your bang theory. A M..) . angular momentum... orbital rotation Energy... your inner stars havi more of it..) Les Grossman as Tom Cruise
& Outer stars much less ) ..field agent McBob.
Ergo, you should know at just 170 million years, 8 months, 20 daze, 13 minutes..o1 second....the
Galaxy being would be a DISC and not a spiral,
A. D 1 S C...no .. spiral....big fat DISC..... knuckleball,
Zero spin...then there is the Comet, it could possibly make you vomit....do you even wonder what eYe mean ? .per Law 2. } Arrow of Time, entropy...your standard comet ...after just 10,000 orbits
Would require a large Rockefeller Foundation Grant to remain relevant....it's a math science hot ball of reason.....liner notes.) Billboard hot 40..11:44 am....1/25/2015...
O8. Centuries .) .fallout boy
...3....)...blank. .space..| . S w i f t ..
5. Salt // L A S T* ) bad Suns.
.. Lmtd. attn. Span. Theater... ) . standby.
And a disturbance in the Unified Field.
032. Made in China
481..meteor footnote
513. When toilets X plode....blues

..Uncle John's FULLY LOADED bathroom reader
Edt. 25..[ ..by page number & heading.
The logic only gets more intense as you put your
Charlie stamp into the bravo position..
Hallelujah ! .) .buckley
..y h w h...) .u 2...
..c..do you know what eYe mean ? / Michael*

..* and this means , who is like El ?
..word up ..} .cameo
.. Yankee hotel.. whiskey hotel....
Rock of Ages. ) ..a.m. Toplady
..also ran. ) .past .. present... Future. ) .brainticket.
The current superposition of Agent Bob, (predicted by the Schrodinger Equation) is only one possible Bob, out of the infinity of all possible Bobs (probability = 1) eYe see you Bob...professor
Although the superposition of all possible Bobs is infinite; eYe have measured you Bob; were are now quantum entangled Bob...eYe sees you Bob (probability = 1)....
Not really in the mood // doom..
...a black hole has opened in Central Fresno.
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