False Flag...

There are a few meanings/definitions for false flag.
One is a flag flown to disguise the nationality or affiliation of a vessel, vehicle, or base of operations. For example if a pirate ship flies the flag of one country and attacks the vessels of another country, there is a good chance that the country being attacked will retaliate and attack the innocent country who's flag was being flown.

90 years ago, the German parliament building was burned down due to arson. Immediately after, the Nazis passed a piece of legislation called "decree for the protection of state and people" giving them total police state control over the people.
The fires were blamed on Hitler's political rivals, however historians believe that is was actually the Nazi party who started the fire in a plot to control the masses through fear.

In 1939, Hitler needed a reason to attack Poland and staged a false flag by dressing German troops in Polish uniforms pretending to attack a German radio station near the border. He used concentration camp inmates who had been previously shot and dressed them in German uniforms, leaving them at the station to make it appear they were attacked by the Poles. This created the excuse for Germany to start WWII.

False flag operations can be done on air, land or on the sea and do not have to be military operations, but can be business dirty tricks or political scams.
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I would have assumed it originated in sport - Gridiron to be specific.
... but I see it predates gridiron by several hundred years. Snookered myself so to speak. I see moreover that there is Flag football, with an international 2022 competition in Alabama.
And how do you feel about the false flag of 6th of January
that was designed to make the followers of drumpf look bad and scary,
when they are not.
Stop being gaslit, kiddo.

Trump and his cult are bad and scary.

Take off your blinkers. Reality can't be denied.

Don't know why you try so hard to defend the indefensible.

Watch the hearings this month.

If you just have to comment on US affairs, at least take the time to learn the hard facts.

You weren't born yesterday.

No excuse for your dishonesty!
I honestly believe they did this. But I also don't wanna upset you intothewoods.

So should I shut it or not. I'll land at some 50/50. beer
FF, I cannot recall seeing flag football on TV.
Is it a big sport in other countries?
There was no false flag.

After seeing a handful of videos, my opinion was the mass of people who showed up at the White House were genuinely primed to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote.
I won't say they were brainwashed (this time) but, they were influenced into belief that storming the White House could change the vote.

Logically... why would Democrats hold a false flag operation to stop the certification that
Biden had won the election? Why? That makes no sense.

Following some comments that police and security allowed the insurrectionists to enter the building, the explanation is they were Trump supporters, possibly knew the plan and went along with it as a few thousand protesters outside was far more than 20 or 30 assigned to protect the White House. Security was outnumbered.
@chat I had not heard of this sport before searching yesterday, but I see Australia takes part without notable success. There is also a gridiron association here in OZ. I guess the flag football is somewhat related to our 'touch football' with little physical contact.
Well thank you chatillion for at least discussing it without blowing a fuse or two and call names.
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