Garrison Keillor

I've been listening to GK for years and years - Prairie Home Companion and Lake Wobegon - but now retired for several years. From his weekly email:

Here's Joe Pass following on from a youtube GK left of Duke Ellington on piano also playing Satin Doll.
Flawless except just two small squeaks towards the end!
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Prairie Home Companion and Lake Wobegon: Love it! purple heart
I was born in North Dakota & grew up in a small town not far from Lake Wobegon.
daydream ... I knew every person in Lake Wobegon ... Personally.

Well there may be Swedes in Minnesota, but there sure 'aint no lake Wobegon!
There Sure IS, Awright!

But when early state surveyors turned in their results -
Lake Wobegon was obscured by a crease in the paper & so wasn't included on state maps.

Such is Minnesota History - or something Like That ... according to Keillor ... dunno

I used to listen to him on the radio when I lived in the LA area. I kind of wandered off after I moved and got married. We did listen to him for a short while though.
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