I pass a dog grooming shop every day, and always they throw doggie poo bags out their front window onto street.
Well i got sick of this so went into shop and complained. got a load of abuse, so next time passing poo bags still on street so told them i would report them.
I then took pics of said bags and walked home, a women out the shop came running half way down the street after me, camera in hand taking vid of me threatening me. I walked on and called her crazy.
I have now reported her to environmental folk who asked for my pics and will sort it for me.

Now thinking you know after thoughts dunno was i in danger so have bought one of those security whistles for when i am out and about.

There are loads of vets and pet shops down our main street and not one of them does this so i do not understand them, but my geordie left hook is at the ready when i pass shop now --oh and whistle peace

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That's unbelievable and disgusting.
Well done, and I hope the authorities act on it especially after your bravery in confronting them.
Get some knuckledusters to go with that geordie.
applause applause i will i will lips
Well done you! It might be worth reporting her to the cops as well. At least then you'll have brought their habits to the knowledge of the police and that might have some consequences for them somewhere down the line.
Some people really are disgusting.
Neighbourhood watch. Mum's Army.

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Very brave Exred! thumbs up
Maybe you could get more people should join you in this cause. There's safety in numbers too. The surrounding business community need to take action against such 'dirty' dealings.professor
What I think is you are right with your after thought...
you were not thinking doh
I mean helloooo, risking your own skin because of dog poo.

That aside, I admire your care and bravery, but lets not be doing it again visually, next time report behind closed doors wink detective

Don't let today pass without buying one of those security whistles hug
Good for you!
I would have thrown the bags back inside their establishment.
And I would have put it all in a brown paper sack and lit it on fire in front of their doorway. Anyway I'm glad you didn't do thatlaugh
Yep snow i did first go to police that was before i was threatened they gave me environmental number.
They however know how things escalated and asked if i would be prepared to write a statement if it came to that and of course i said yes hug
mmmm now if that was me that would lift my spirits laugh laugh wink
True didi i have spokent to vets, then another dog grooming place plus the hairdressers next door (mine as it happens) and they know whats been happening. So happen these crazy folk might just think but doubt it.

They may be fined and warned dunno
Never been sneeky itchy never, i gave warning first and even second too so enough is enough. People, mums with prams, small kids go by every day and i will involve papers too if necessary.

Yep have sent for whistle , if i had my wits about me when she came at me with phone i could have knocked it out her hand --and stepped on it, but age has slowed me. doh
Yep i had thought of doing that but that would have been wrong and the environment folk said leave it now they will sort it. BUt you know my mind was going down the route. grin
laugh laugh yep so am i I did not think that far laugh laugh
mmm will keep you updated on outcome another time, cheers cheers cheers
Throwing poo out of the window is wrong and you were right to say something. And you were fine. I know that the pandemic has devalued the word bravery but you have to be some special kind of soft not to confront that.
And I appreciate the irony because you'd think a dog grooming service wouldn't do this. I mean what does it do? Spends too much money on cleaning and beautifying a dog and it still ends in shit on the pavement. You'd think something that wasteful and decadent would at least be clean and into attracting customers who are if anything a hypochondriac. The service sells hygiene an excess of hygiene, but throws poo out of the window. Seems not very smart but then we are talking about a pet grooming entrepreneur which is another term for idiot.
There's something morally disgusting about the money people spend on their pets but that really should exclude this kind of disgusting. Throwing poo out of the window belongs in a burnt out railway not a developed society. That photo contains all of the bad things about being posh with none of the good. All of that decadence and it's just a crap on the floor.
None of us are as quick as we used to be, age eh" mumbling

I think a time comes in everyone's life when one must put their sneaky ways to use, when to and not, each to their own with that.

She ran up the street after you, it could of had a different ending, thankfully it didn't teddybear

Wel done Red, how about sending pictures and a story to your local newspaper? That is what I would do if nothing is done.
Unreal, for those people to do this and that is from a business? thumbs down
Chesney everything you have said i agree with, except the (people with money bit) i do not look or judge people by there money or nothing. But yes all the rest i am just as angry as you. very mad teddybear
mmm you could be right i just did not hear her coming or she might have got a surprise laugh boxing i must say i could not run that far anymore grin

You take care your my friend teddybear
Jenny if nothing happens i already have the address for local paper i am so incensed by these ignorant actions i will see it to the end,teddybear
G'afternoon Red where'er you are wave

Any updates Since?
Yep environmental contacted me but the shop has been closed, i reckon they went on holiday, but she assured me they were following it up. applause

Hoping all goes good for you on this controversy site

grin at least you do not need a whistle laugh laugh
I agree it's disgusting and I'm so glad you took pics and reported it. I think it would be breaking the law of litering in America but not sure if they would take action. I also think throwing it back in their shop is fair justice. Or put in paper bag in front of their door and light on fire. They would have fun stomping it out.
in case you haven't noticed Red, I'm keeping it light hearted these daysconversing
life can be serious enough without continuing it in here also as well.

unless I'm looking for Skippy, no whistle needed anymore wink

Had to pump your blog up when I was missing seeing you around hug wave

plus I wanted to catch you before I left bouquet
Excellent Red, wouldn't have expected anything lesser from you. Could be understood if it happened in a 3rd world country but last time I heard you guys were pretty much a civilized bunch.
I would however consider getting myself a nice walking stick (here we call it a know kierie) just in case. Locals use them know kieries to dent each others skulls when arguing about booze most of the time, but it does serve its purpose tho. I also like how you first called the cops then the environmental. If it escalates in any way you are covered. Well done.bouquet
A know kierie must read a knob kierie. Stupid phone.
Well done, ExRed! applause applause
grin yep i had thought of throwing back through window but they have been aggressive with me so far. Environments say leave it up to them
Well Luke i have a good walking pole with a sharp end wow
Kal thanks for well done yep it did get me mad

Take care lovely lady
When I was a young boy, we had a Boston Terrier named "Jackie". We lived in what was called a "Railroad Flat" (the rooms are all arranged in a row) in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan. Everyday we would let Jackie out so he could do his duty. He always went in the gutter, not on the sidewalk. I would often take him with me to Central Park, when I went there. Of course being about a half mile walk to the park he would empty his bowels long before we got there.
I would be more concerned about the plastic bags the groomer was throwing out than the dog poo because they don't biodegrade.
Those ones are biodegradable ooby.

Still a disgrace, however your pouch done good grin
This is great news! I was wondering what resulted from your reports.
Good job Exred.thumbs up wine
I was a teenager when my mother said she was going to get a dog for the family. I was ecstatic thinking along the lines of a German Shepard or maybe a Doberman, but when she walked in carrying a little Boston Terrier I was devastated. How would I ever face my friends again? Years later the apt building we lived in was sold and we had to move. We moved to a "Housing Project" where no dogs were allowed so my mother unbeknownst to me gave Jackie away and never told me who to. I never saw him again.
that is so sad truly hug
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