Emergency root canal...

I chomped on something last night that chipped a tooth exposing the nerve. It only hurt when attempted to finish dinner or tried to drink something. Any pressure caused pain.
I tried a wad of dental wax as a buffer so I could eat but it wouldn't hold. I had to postpone my shrimp dinner.
Expecting to have a night of discomfort, I took one ibuprofen and slept without any pain.
I called my dentist in the morning and they were able to see me right away. Awesome!
The prognosis: Root canal and a crown.
Waiting to finish some other dental work that started months ago, I wasn't able to get the dentist to do a patch (bonding) and send me on my way. But... I was able to negotiate holding off on the crown. My dentist agreed to do the root canal and patch for now with the understanding it's near the front and may break off.
I always ask for extra Novocaine separated by a few minutes to allow the benefits to soak in. Five shots later all was numb from my nose down!

The entire visit was nearly 3 hours and I'm back home having a light lunch that includes another dose of ibuprofen.

Emergency root canal... blah
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I had a few rooties Chat.
One started as pain and it was the 1.of january and I was in a foreign land, south africa.
Well we found a man in white froack lol. and he gave me some horse pills and antibiotique and basically I was back up n good to go!
The actual rooting happened a week later back in northwegen.

Yeah, it's always best to get the work done at home.

No pain now, but the dentist said I could have some discomfort tomorrow.
Ibuprofen is a good pain suppressor but if it doesn't quite do the job you might want to try some Naproxen Sodium. It is a little more effective than Aspirin.
ooby, I have some Naproxen that was prescribed for a tooth extraction 6 months ago. That was painful with lots of swelling. If I recall, I only took half the dosage for one day.
While it was effective, it also spiked my blood pressure.
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