An extended weekend is a GO!

This work week is over, and what a week it's been! Long days, a new coworker and not a lot of sleep, but I wouldn't change anything about it! Well, maybe one or two things, but in general, it's been quite a good week.

My next day at work is on Tuesday, because we have a public holiday on Monday, so I am guessing work will be rammed with orders. It usually is, the day after a public holiday, but I'm ready to face it head on.

The new coworker is a young woman. She's in the store section, but she often comes down to the packing area, just to say hello or to find an item that a customer needs. She's super nice, so hopefully she'll stick around longer than my previous new coworker did.

So now I'm just gonna enjoy having three days off in a row!
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Have fun!cheering
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