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Trump and his bizarre reading of the names of the murdered at an NRA event. Mental health indeed, not assault weapons! Gruesome stuff!

Listening to Bruce Shapiro on Radio National Late Night Live.

'Reverence for life' in the Roe v Wade revision and Irreverence in the refusal to revise gun laws.
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interesting how they only turn certain shootings into politcal campaigns but almost never a word or care for one of the worst in the U.S. maybe because it' potentially largely black on black crimes?

When you mix guns, religion, and racial hatred together, (as is often the case), you have a recipe for disaster...
I bet some Americans are wishing, they were founded by, irreverent, gambling convicts, like we were....dunno
You, not unlike most democrats and other communist, don't like to look at the overriding problem which is mental health. My pencil didn't cause my superior grades in school either.
My IQ caused my superior grades, (I don't know about yours)
The republicans insist it's a psychological problem, not guns. Then they vote against increased funding for mental health, particularly in Texas, where they cut medicaid eligibility for it.. yawn
Anyway, not looking for a troll-a-thon, so I'll be off, now .. professor
The Trumpies have a Pandora's box of causes for mass murder now. The NRA lobby is working day and night for them and greasing more palms than they can count.

'Quit filibustering it': Republican's town hall heats up over gun laws

Grassley says 'There won't be 60 votes', and the pissed off woman says 'Then Stop Filibustering it!' That was my favorite part.. thumbs up
How come Janet Jackson's nipple, caused more anxiety and outrage, that a lot of the serious gun crime, that was going on, beforehand, and afterwards??!

That Went right over your head. sigh sorry
Don't troll me, explain my questions!... scold

Back later to see the explanations (if any)...
So, you still believe that people who kill other people using guns, knives, fists, cars, acid or whatever do not have a mental health issue?
Are you feeling ok? confused
@ galrads

I see the trolling continues ..that means you have no plausible answers, do you?

Anyway, superior grades? I'd say, in your case, that is highly debatable, either that, or the competition wasn't very strong

rolling on the floor laughing
@ galrads

I see that you have made yourself scarce...

What, have you gone off to solve, the Riemann Hypothesis, or something?

grrr...go get 'em tiger!

rolling on the floor laughing
Just to say, however, there is MUCH to admire, about America; however, a rampant and permissive, gun culture, amongst civilians, (many of whom, should not even be shown, a picture of a gun, let alone own one), is not one of them...
Yes, republicans should stop blocking gun control legislation, including mental health. We must focus on the criminal and not on the object that he/she uses in the criminal endeavor. And Yes, I still believe anyone with violence in their history should not be allowed to purchase or be in possession of any gun, much less, anything semiautomatic. No Bullshit; come on now, give me one good reason!.. yawn
The NRA Supported Gun Control when the Black Panthers were armed back in the 1960s. Since then well...
I just noticed that a person must be 18 to buy a rifle and 21 to buy a handgun. Yet they can be called to serve as Militia at 17 years of age. Am I mistaken?
I'm referring to the USA.
Yes, the old people like me have always sent young women and men to fight and die in the name of democracy for people who don't care, yet these same young people also can't legally have a beer before age 21. thumbs down
In a perfect world you could have time to train people how to use a gun before you send them off to fight, but if you don't have time to train someone, say a 17 year old and they don't have experience because they weren't allowed own one. dunno
An old extremist right-wing take of on an early saying of Ben Franklyn went "To kill your daily, you must rise up early with finger on the trigger....from the late 50's, early 60's....For many, times have not changed.uh oh
It seems they don't enforce existing gun control laws and you want more and more legislation. confused
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