Just an observation....people are getting pissed off.

I have been observing on a personal level, people are getting more and more angry.

I suspect that the gas prices are playing a major role in this.

If these prices continue, I just wonder how much longer these pissed off people will keep themselves together.

Thankfully I don't give 2 sh*ts about the price of gas. I don't drive a gas guzzling vehicle and I can afford it. However, growing up very poor....I can just imagine how tough it is for people who are living pay check to pay check.

...just a temperature reading from my neck of the woods.

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I detect the anger to , covid controls had a lot to do with it . Governments are being changed because of covid and not for the better .
That is a good point Ep....I can certainly agree with you there.

Hi Johnny!

What did 'covid controls' mean in epirbs posts?

Yea, prices are sky rocketing. Many have it way worse than me,
even If me at the moment is on the lower side.
I can sell my apartment however and be on the upside immediately,
thanks to my now dead papa and his good work.

I checked hydrogen and it could be an alternative if the prices continue up.
Hydrogen seems stable.

I also thin it's best to be as self sufficient as one can be. Some solar cells, maybe a steam nearby that is drinkable. Grow some own food and have a guitar nearby plus a few cold ones, and life might be good after all!


Talking of music: can I throw in some unrelated Randy Rhodes:

think, stream.

Okay I think I get the covid controls thing now, so never mind that.
Not only on prices of gas Johnny but basically the erosion of what an affordable good living in general.

Personally, since I retire, I have been traveling a lot, here in our country. Driving from state to state visiting my relatives and friends. Right now I am in the Midwest. All ky children except one are all in California and four of my grandchildren. I go home back at least twice a year driving. I enjoy my freedom of being able to decide where and when I go anywhere. Today it's so hard because of this unbelievable rise of gas price. Which fuels almost everything else.

I'm a bit angry and very disappointed.

Good blog Johnny wave

Looks like you will have to ditch the bmw for a fiat punto diesel lindsy grin
Hello Grand,

I think Ep was referring to the lockdown and the isolation that people faced during the Covid measures.

I also agree with you about being self sufficient, however, solar is still very expensive. My brother recently went that route and found out that it takes a lot of solar panels to maintain a home's electrical needs.

Yes Grand. During the Don's term, my full tank was 80 bucks and at least three full tank from Midwest to the West Coast. Today? California would be 160.00. My cost for flying round trip three times.
I traded my v8 to this rwin turbo and I'm planning on replacing it back with the regular v8 just for fun. But not with this gas price.
The Billionaires have $3.3 trillion in the US.
That's $1 million from every person in your country.
Are they charging too much for goods and services?

You know the American dream.
Is this taking it too far?

Are you going to do something about it?
Hello SR,

Good point also...it takes a lot more money today to maintain a lifestyle one had just a couple years back.

Like you elude to, with higher gas prices, comes higher prices for everything else.

I am thinking about a trucking company. The cost of their fuel is through the roof right now, so they need to charge more for their transportation services. In addition to higher fuel costs, now they need to pay their employees more so they can sustain a comparable level of living before all this craziness....leading to them charging even more for that. All these increases are costing stores more for the products they have on the shelve....raising prices. Of course, this does not even take into consideration the manufacture and production of these products on the shelf. It seems to be a never ending cycle of higher and higher prices.

Yea Johnny, you may have to close off a few rooms until that lady moves in with you.
Absolutely. I have a little business in building repairs. I sub contract jobs from realtors for making properties ready for sale or rent. My gosh, prices of materials specially woods have gone up by 25 percent. Now all these high prices get to effect all our cost both on labor and parts.

It's a Domino effect.
Hahaha sweetheart, I may need to find me a rich man to maintain my lifestyle before I retired.
Hello Mer,

I am no expert on the economy...I just have an opinion from my personal observations, and from others I have listened to through the years. It seems to me that Capitalism is somewhat flawed and from what we are seeing today, somewhat easily manipulated and can leave many in a fragile state. But, before considering the replacement of it, there needs to be a better system...not a worse one, which some argue might be coming down the road.

The checks and balances of Capitalism, to keep things fair and level for all involved in it, seem to be eroding. Deliberately??? or from just outright greed??? That is something that needs to be figured out in my opinion. Deliberately would indicate some sort of agenda and from greed would mean we need to make some changes to the system.

Is there anything anyone can do about it, I would say no. This is an issue that the masses would need to deal with. It would start by identifying the issue, informing people, formulating a solution, and implementing that solution.

Grand...I don't have a mansion. laugh I live a modest lifestyle and have avoided debt. grin
There's a solution Johnny, eliminating incompetence in our government.
SR....true that. I just got involved with house renovations myself and notice the same thing. I wondered when the housing market will start to fall a bit, but nothing for houses can come down in price until building materials and labor cost start coming down....which I do not see anytime soon. In fact, I think it might even raise to the prices of houses today, unless of course the interest rates get as high as some are predicting.
SR....that is one solution, but I would think it would be very very very difficult to eliminate incompetence in our gov.. Money talks. Even if we suspect we got the right people in office, the right "bribe, donation, or contribution" can be made to get gas prices soring.

I think would be neat....now that we have the internet and all, and people effectively are able to have their voices heard, would be a system of government that has everyone connected to a system where no one single person or small group of people have the power to make any decisions....everything would be based off the voice, desires, and ideas of everyone in the country conveyed through the internet into the governmental system. This system would also be overlooked by the people.
So Johnny and lindsy, shouldn't we invest in some forest, a huge circle saw (we can run it on steam or watarefall....to be environmentally up to date...hehe)
and yea... erect a barn for a year drying ... seriously... this would make sense.
Yes, internet voting should be the future of voting.
Here's an example.
Back in the 80's a computer had an operating system which cost $300. A high enough cost but not so many computers. So economies of scale determined the cost.
As the decades moved on and millions of computers were sold with the same operatong system, which was already designed and paid for (of course subject to R&D). The costs being now spread over a much larger number should decrease considerably. No, the profits increased significantly to how many billion per annum. That my friend is money from your pocket going into someone else's.
I have predicted, at least within the next 15 months Johnny. Collapse on real state will happen again. Not quite like the previous meltdown as instigated by Corporate greed as shown in the Movie: Margin call. Watch it, Spacey, Irons, Tucci movie.

On that particular economic downfall was pushed by the investment corporation, overpricing real state values and no regard for it's adverse effects on the consumers.
Seriously Grand. That's a good plan. But from buying the forest, to logging, to hauling, to stocking to distribution, is an astronomical venture. We have to have at least a billion in operating start up. Management, the three of us can perhaps make it through the initial stages but money talks. Money, money, money Grand.
Did they give loans out too easy?
Hehe. We just buy a forest that is already productive.
And that's about it. Leave the rest to me:)
No shipping, they come to us.
Naw, you'd need someone with brains. tongue
We just cut it neatly. Store it... et voila. We drag each tree out with an ATW!
Or my favorite: MB Unimog

Mercedes unimog Lubo 4 waldarbeiter wald extrem

Ok, agreed, are you joining us in?rolling on the floor laughing conversing wine

You'll be the CEO, I'll be the Exec. Vp, Grand, the Pres. And Johnny, the VP. I think being the CEO holds more power and control, don't you think?
Ok, so you're assigned as the Pres or should it be Merlot? I am ok in the middle management. I think.
Ok, President is your role, Merlot CEO, Johnny and I in the middle management.
Wow. What a piece of equipment. A thousand hp? You think?
Merlot, you are fired! flex

Jk, when can you start as our advisor?
Glad you got my humour.
No, U3 are good to go. thumbs up
Hmmmmn denying yourself this opportunity might cost humanity a great loss. Just saying.
Who's JK?
I'll be back. wave

Need to have some brunch. Seafood my favorite.

Ciao. Back soonwave

Good blog Johnny.

It's a very timely discussion. wine
ohh, noo. Nono, it's diesel and only abut 130hp but it's 6 cylindres in a row. Torque good.. and the best part: it never stops. thumbs up
JK = just kidding

Good lunch lindsy burger
Okay, so let's buy this one.
Only about 4 grand.

Now you guys find me some American forest will ya.
Right now there is no cheap one in Norway, but wait I'll go take a look at Sweden now.
The land of IKEA.
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