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Part 9B------------Live or Die
Readers of this story please note that ' Teen' is a code name given to all female double agents in the secret service. The real name of the operative in this story is Lana Bretta, and her name will be used now at all times.
Recommended music
All Time High ---- Rita Coolidge
Live and Let Die-- Paul McCartney and Wings
Moonraker --------- Shirley Bassey

What will happen to Lana?
Will she be caught?
Will the plans fail?

Daily Moon------ Lana's quick thinking and brain power makes Einstein look Neanderthal.

World Entertainment News----- Crown makes Dirty Harry look like a charity worker.

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Starring Jack Crown and Lana Bretta

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Jack Crown
Crown Productions

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CROWN ~ Small is beautiful ? You are going worldwide very quickly. Very different mindset in India.
My favourite Shirey Bassey song Yesterday when I was young cheers
GG.... You may wish to apply for my new Crown girl. Check out advert.
CROWN ~applause I am thrilled, I hope it is the original one as Bollywood and too many pagan gods with 3 heads scare me, Seriously your blog lifted me as there is so much bad news on T.V. and people are down generally [in real life ] we are having a dreadful summer here and people are still wearing masks as there was an upsurge in Covid. We need some fun.
I am happy to to oblige. I hope I bring a modicum of em, wisdomwink in most areas to the Cult.
Your humble servant,
GG..... Thanks. Just respond on the advert. Read the personality requirements etc
hug hug
Will do and thanks.cheers cheers bouquet
Please note updated information on character in story.
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