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Here some cheap land in Sweden:
100 acres of forest soil, but unclear how much is not yet taken out.
Indicated still 800 m3 left, but some of that is young.
But the price: 42.000 dollars. Includes a little house I can live in. boogie
That is basically land for free.

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Okay one more, more south in Sweden = warmer grows faster.
2700m3 wood standing today. No buildings. About 100acres also.
Here you can start chopping immediately.
Price: 73.400 $

Grand, sounds like a good investment. And a sure hard work of course. Now let's brain storm some possibilities.

I do believe some sound ideas can lead to something that can make beating the high cost of living works.
No I know, age is a factor. I'm not 24 anymore. I understand that.
Papa bought his farm when he was 55 by the way. Cos it was like a dream he had had.
For me it's slightly different. I'd like to live closer to nature. While there I'd like to make a 'small' living. You catch my drift here?
I been thinking about doing a small backyard welding business as well... anywhere in the world.

Anyways, back to the Swedish forest: seems one tree pr day gives abut 50$.
Almost enough for food that day ha?
I'm usually a fan of brainstorming, but can you for now dig up some woodland
for sale in the Unites States or Canada for me please.
I'd like to compare to Scandinavia.
Try not to bump my own, but I'll make an exception.
Is there any Americana here who can point me to a website that show
land with forest for sale? Craigslist may be too advanced for me to maneuver?
Don't plant to move in the the, or sign up.
Just wanna get a feel of the prices of timber on root.
Amazing price! For this price you hardly can buy land in Lithuania, and you say there is small house and livable!
Grandsiozzie ~ When I read your Blog I thought you were selling it and I could actually afford it. Wow!
You have a bargain there and I would not pass that up.
The clean air. I am not well up with where in Sweden it is or if your car broke down how you'd manage and your proximity to shops etc., but I guess you have that sorted.

I have never worked or met a Swedish person I did not like. It would be a heavenly place for you , relaxing and with clean air.
I presume there are no Nuclear plants going up nearby ? Very best of luck .wine
Grand. You would not rent a one bed apartment in Dublin with the housing shortages for that amount of money. It is a once in a lifetime chance . The former is a terrific price and would leave money for doing up the place.
Hello Grand,

Around my neck of the woods, an acre is priced anywhere near $1500 to $2000 each. If you are a bargain shopper, one might be able to find an acre in the $1000 price range. It just depends on the quality of the it swamp or high land and is it a field or covered with some good quality mature trees.

Agree Grapewine! Sweden is surprisingly cheap
if you are willing to live rural and slightly north where the temp drops off just a little bit.
Cool Johnny, that means the two I found in Sweden was about half of that, price-wise.
Your climate though, is better.
Any link to a site of land for sale? With some trees on it.

"I wanna be a lumberjack.. tra la la la la la ... "
I know Goldy. It's the rush to the city thing.
I own an apartment in a hotter part of Oslo,
and yes it has risen with more than 50% in 6 years.

In urban areas I'd like to convert apartments into smaller apartments.
Micro housing. That's also a good business I think,
as the family structure has changed over the years.
Grand. It is an amazing opportunity, A good surveyor or two to check the land as you already know and I think it sounds like a great chance to do something, that will be yours, your own little place.
If you were to have apartments built and it is a terrific business idea, I believe you could have the best of both worlds with the Apartment in Oslo and then the beautiful bolthole .

I have been saving like mad for some years, The cottage I could afford to buy now in the countryside here in Ireland or UK have now just gone through the roof. We are speaking small, one or two bed and of course clean air and land and now any shack is 70,000 but that would entail a new roof, electrics and treating damp in our country.
So I have started looking with a friend , at Spain, I am not gone on Spain that much but somewhere that gets the Sun. Everywhere has got so expensive that this seems like an offer you can't refuse.

In these war times I think you should get professional advise on this and go for it , Maybe it your papa looking after you . thumbs up
Hi again Goldy. Hope you don't mind me calling you that.

The most challanging for me about moving to the country side is not distance to the doctor
or income but finding an adventerous gf that don't mind living far from the nearest shopping center.
And who love the idea of peace and quiet, who like me never get bored.
Cos, I will not move out there alone. THAT I gotta have, a loving woman by my side.

Did you see my italy blog? Probably at page two or three now.
I found plenty of cheap places there but they all needs renovation.
I don't mind as I'm handy, I want run down :)
Some don't even have a roof hehe.

Spain...there is at least one forumer who can advice on that.
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