Good Thinkers and Bad thinkers

Do you know that with your mind can think Good or Bad ?
Good Thinkers are so because God is Good.
Bad Thinkers are so because Devil is Bad.
God gives good thoughts but Devil gives bad thoughts.
So now who are they that believe truth of God and who are they that believe lies of Devil ?
Can those Bad thinkers be right ?
Can those Good thinkers be right?
surely bad thinkers are wrong and are led to sin against truth and against God.
Surely Good thinkers are right because God is always right.
you see ? Good thinkers can,t be Good without God,so they can,t live if God do not give life to them!
you see? Bad thinkers can,t be bad without Devil,so they can,t do bad if Devil do not give bad thoughts to them!
So there are perfect world in heaven. and there is imperfect world on earth.
What is perfect produce always perfect.
What is imperfect produce imperfect.
So why those Bad thinkers don,t believe God? who prevent them?
It is devil that fights ,giving them bad thoughts against truth of God.So Devil is who prevent or keep them
to not believe truth of God. So they need refuse Bad thoughts from Devil and accept good thoughts
from God. then they will think good and right and so believe truth of God in their mind.
God speak truth in bible and in your mind.
You have to understand what is true in bible and what is true in your mind.
Anything that is true: is pure and Good.
anything that is wrong or false: is dirty and Bad.
So in this way you learn what is perfect and what is imperfect!
God is Love and Good: anything inspired from love and from good: is truth.
Devil is Hate and Evil: anything that comes from him is lie and false.

So now whoever Believe and obey God is saved and live with God.
there is Heaven and Hell.
So is full Happiness in Heaven. and is Terrible suffering in hell .
Good doers go in heaven.Bad doers go in hell.
So pray and repent of your sin and get improved and sin no more,and pray to God to forgive you and so
you will be forgiven and saved.and you will go in heaven.
So be a good doer and not a bad doer, and so you will progress in life.
and you are Blessed so.
Have you heard that those who do bad get condemned and those who do good get Blessed.
So now you know about Good and about Bad.
God bless you.

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