Any sane humans left on earth?

Every generation rails against the new. But, unless we live under cave man rules, Genghis Khan or Caligula, this has to be one of the most insane times of all.
Just read on a case in Wisconsin where a middle school wanted to prosecute 3 boys for s*xual harassment because they referred to a female fellow student as a girl when SHE wanted to be called they or them. Besides being UN-grammatical, it also dropped because they were not to impose their teachers rules on kids.
Our state flies a flag now that is supposed to show we include everyone no matter what they think they are. Hey...I love my "people of the fur persuasion"...IE dogs, cats, horses..pets in I want that added to the flag or am going to picket discrimination! very mad doh
We have people who have grown up spoiled rotten. Get a reward for existing. Get a ribbon so you dont feel bad. Dont work for anything, expect you are entitled to a free ride.
Cant get your way? Riot, shoot, protest. Dont get a raise because you spend more time on your phone than working..racism, bias, sexism, homophobism, ageism. Just stick an ism onto any word and expect to get your perks.
Anyone tells you to flake off, arrest them for an ism.
Wisconsin has a senator who is a lesbo. You know what? She acts like everyone else. I have no idea of her private life. Has a partner? Every did? Attends gatherings? I have no problem with her. Her private life is her own business. She doesnt shove it in everyones faces and demand we applaud her. What ever happened to keeping in in the privacy of your own home?dunno People dont need to see a couple sucking face and pawing each other in public. Not LGBTwhatever, not those teens, not those drunk bar fly that picked up a drunk guy.
Acceptance means minding ones own business. And that goes for keeping ones own business too.
Gun control thinks if no one has guns, we will all be kind to each other. Yeah right. Tell that to the suicide bomber, the poisoner, the fire bug, the ax killer, knife killer, drug dealer, estranged spouse, the road raged driver, the drunk driver and the others who WILL find a way to kill.
This country is pumped up on violence. Movies, rap songs, gaming and the idea that fun is all that is important. That and spending money. I watch videos of unclaimed mail that has been re-sold. You have got to be kidding me!wow Someone actually orders a dollar store item, pays shipping because they are so lazy they cant go to the store for it?doh roll eyes
I see stores or department. $20 for a basic t-shirt. $60 for ordinary jeans. Worse..for ones so full of holes I would rag bag mine because wont stop farm dirt. Saw some that consisted of waist band, side seams, zipper placket and hems with a couple of strips between. Gees lady, just go to town in a thong bikini if your desire is to go naked. Of course they rip off $50 for those three bits of fabric too.
What causes inflation? The idiot thinking one must buy. Dont shop around, dont think, dont use common sense..just flash that old credit card in front of the machine. Going into debt made easy.
Welcome to Rome just before it burned.mumbling
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A very sad world Orrrz.sad flower
Let them sue for calling a spade a spade. Worst here is the fear I think.
Shrug the shoulders and let's see how the courts handles the insanity is my advice.

A lot of people are frustrated over what is going on. None of this nonsense is happening by accident. Senator Joe McCarthy wasn't wrong when he said that Washington is full of Communist. sigh
Yep i am sane confused i think and agree with all you said, the new era emerging stinks thumbs up
Orzzz ~ Political correctness or Woke, [I hate that name ] is just appalling. Now you can't open your mouth but you offend somebody. Live and let live if a man want's to change his sex to a woman and visa versa but leave it at that. I am sick to the teeth of Gay pride marches with same sex kissing each other and fondling in the street.
I am sick of women who want the word change to wommin as the don't want the men at the end.
It has got so bad that you can actually break the law by not being Woke or face being let go from a talk show if you are the Host.
So, I go in to an Animal Shelter and lets say I want a Male Cat or Dog, Can I say I want a male one ? a female one ? Everything is to be gender neutral.

I also have huge issues with kids being allowed to dress as girls as their sexuality is not fully formed.
Aw, I won't go on. The world has gone crazy and it is being allowed by Governments. Have we not more to be worried about with prices gone up all around with the Ukraine situation.
Yes, the World is gone Crazy, I do think it is up to us all to refuse, there is power in numbers. Votes matter to the people who change the laws on these things. sad flower sad flower
That is the waiting for. I'm on your side pardner.cheers
I always knew Chris. The Chinese are good in the skill of deception.
The chaos button is on GG.
It's a subversion of reality I realise not everybody is religious but I truly believe there is a demonic element to it all - Satan is the great deceiver after all. Telling boys they can be girls and girls they can be boys is an inversion of God's creation. Going further and prescribing them puberty blockers and encouraging body mutilation is outright evil. We are supposed to protect and guide our children, not sacrifice them to some woke subversive ideology just so we can get kudos points. Enough is enough. Push back. Refuse to be silent in the face of this subversion. Good must win. Children must be protected.
Question: are "literary figures"

Gender neutral????

Why not go back and vandalize Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens, then???
Que aera sera movement seems rampant Charles. We're completely losing the true essence of what humanity is. Greed, deception and chaos is outright unstoppable.
But then the world runs on bullshit, doesn't it?
Ive got nothing against trans, and gay people, nothing whatsoever; but I will not subvert my writing of the English language, to cater to their whims...wave
Children are children by definition. When of legal age, they can make up their own minds, what gender/s they are..before a child reaches puberty, how do they really know what they are?
We have that sort of rot over here, too. I doubt they worry about it too much, in poor 3rd world countries..
Right. Thankfully there is "the rest of the world" who will never go over board like that.
They will not, trust me on that one. There will never be woke in Zambia.

The immigrants will see to it: don't go too far.
With other words: help will come from where we 'least expect it'.
Chancer ~ Well said ! You are right about this being Satanic. It is certainly Evil and I don't use this word easily. It is akin to conspiracy theory organisations except I believe there is a bigger Agenda behind it. I
honestly think it is to cause chaos. Mental /physical / fiscal chaos , it is a way of splitting humanity in to pieces and taking away their sexuality and making it fluid is a very clever things a society dies eventually and families cease to be, stability is lost.
the divide and conquer agenda is as old as civilization itself. You're right though this is more nefarious. There are various factors at play IMO. One of course is divide and conquer. People who speak out in any way are routinely attacked, isolated, smeared, treated as heathens. You can never be too 'progressive' in this religion. Another element is indeed the demonic/satanic element. That's not to say that the majority who have bought into this agenda are into Satan worship or anything like that. I would say many are operating from a place of good intentions (though ironically that has allowed nefarious elements to infiltrate and promulgate). Many are operating from a plain of fear also. Fear of being isolated, shamed, bullied is holding a lot of people back from expressing themselves and speaking out when they see things have gone to far. So people need to ditch the fear. Then there is money. The root of all evil or so the saying goes (I would say the root of a LOT of evil, though certainly not all). There's a lot of money being made, particularly with the transgender agenda - think pharmaceuticals, counselling, surgery. It's VERY lucrative. Another possible agenda it could tie into is the climate/depopulation agenda. A lot of people really believe that major depopulation needs to happen to save the planet (I don't buy into that belief myself). Pushing the trans agenda certainly does nothing to promote population, put it that way. Puberty blockers - and to a much more serious degree trans surgery - risks irreversible damage and damages a person's reproductive function. It's doing tremendous damage to people. And that many adults are pushing this on CHILDREN... is almost beyond belief. It is truly horrific. We have to stand up.
the Courts have gone Fruitcake as well!mumbling
What is the average jail-time for calling a girl a girl these days?
Conrad, if I was a lawyer I think I could turn this back at them.
Two can play that game you know.

So, I still stand by that "nothing to fear but fear itself" idea.
Or like Bob Marley said "don't let them fool ya"
Kelloggs have made a transgender out of one of it's characters and of course Barbie now have a transgender doll. This is a lot more devious that it first seems. It is normalising what is not normal. Children are easily swayed and I accept that many are born women in men s bodies and visa versa but to have Transgender dolls is taking away the innocence of childhood. Again there is a Woke agenda and I don't like it and won;t change my wording for anyone. They can give me a week or two in Jail. The food is good in our dublin City Mount Joy.
My sentiment too Glossy. Sue me, jail me, I don't gave a rat's a**.

F your unhealthy shit. End of that discussion. drinking
Sorry about the grammatical errors.
Orzzz and Chancer I can't agree more with every single word you typed... thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up bouquet
The children were going on a picnic. Ms Gogleheimeria (the teacher) had been planning the picnic, for about a month. Finally the big day, had arrived. After a lift on the school bus; the teacher and children found themselves in a pleasant meadow, near a brook. Jimiio was always a sensitive boy, who seemed to get along better with the girls in the class. After the picnic was over, "They" stood by the side of the road waiting for the school bus to take them home. Jimiio was lagging behind, because he had been looking at the delightful meadow flowers.

'They' called out to Jimiio to hurry up; the teacher said to the class: "don't worry about Jimiio 'they' will be with us soon"....what the phuck?


Note: totally fictional scenario to illustrate how idiotic this stuff is
This whole scenario that is emerging with this crazy WOKE brigade and their fight to have things put in to law regarding sexism is Crazy.
A song comes to mind...

Angie Baby Does anyone remember it ? The most important line for me is
It's not Nuts to be Insane, no one asks you to explain Radio by your side Angie baby.
The joke is the woke crowd are the most rude, bias, sexist, racist ones out there. Do as I believe or say or else! And our lovely government encourages it..divide and conquer.
I was a tom boy growing up. Dad wanted a son really and got me instead. So since I loved him and as an only child had to help him, it was natural. In todays screwed up world, society, the schools and whomever would basically ORDER me to be gender neutral or trans. The woke jerks dont understand that children think the other sex is having more fun or freedom or better toys. Or they are needed in the home to help where needed and it makes no difference what gender. The girl helps dad feed the livestock and build the coop. The boy does laundry and helps mom cook.
The fact that kids and adults are not hammered into roles these days is a good thing. But, telling children what they are is not.
Children are committing suicide. Why? Perhaps because adults push them left and right and mix them up so much they cant take it.dunno Plus society telling them everything needs a mental health day? They are maki9ng them nuts!doh
By pushing and catering, kids are left with no coping skills to handle the world on their own. Teachers tell them to protest what teacher thinks.
We have a world where Putin finally admits he wishes to mimic Tzar Peter and rule the world. Diseases are ramping up that were gone for years. They are taught, no social security for you, kids. Ask for more and more money so corporations can jack up prices to preserve their profit margins. Cant make ends meet, go be homeless and then get kicked out of hotels or shelters to make room for the invading illegal hoards.
Europe is being flooded with young men who bring third world values with them. The US is flooded with southern poor. Pretty soon there will be no people in southern continents..they will all have moved north.
And the woke morons..I think I want to identify as a dog. Feed me!devil
Orzzz ~ Many men [just taking that for an example ] and young men at that, who want to become women used to have to go through a 3 year intensive psychiatric assessment with counselling etc.,
Now it is their right .
There is a huge amount of money to be made out of same. Firstly the counselling but no psychiatric or psychological assessment, they start to get Oestrogen therapy and hair loss ensures, so beard gone, no hairy chest, Then the real Oestrogen starts to make teh breasts grown.
The actual operation itself I won't go in to here but they finish up with a va*ina and no longer have the male 'tackle '. Most need plastic surgery for nose jobs and other issues and there is voice training.

How do I Know this ? Here in Ireland it is on the Healthy system if you can't afford it so the tax payer is paying for somebody to get boobs and a va*ina and learn to speak a few octaves higher and walk like a woman....Something is very wrong here ................... then there are those who wish to reverse back....
doh I was like you, I was a Tomboy and loved climbing trees and going along rivers and catching small fish, playing hurley and football . My hair was long and thick but I never dawned on me to cut it because the Woke Agenda was not there pushing me in to changing my sexuality. I eventually grew out of cut knees and a muddy face and got interested in boys. Nobody should interfere with somebodies sexuality at that age.
One question I heard is how would you feel sharing a bathroom or locker with a gal who has dangly bits?wow And prove he isnt just wearing a wig and lipstick. Which brings us to male athletes donning them so they can compete in womens sports and take the gold and cash.
I saw a couple of them. If that is a woman now, then I have feathers and can fly!!
Amazing how trans can get surgery paid for yet other people can't get hip replacement or dentures paid for.
Hi Chancer.
The "depopulation agenda" is not about saving the planet, as many believe, but about CONTROL!

Remember...They are a few....and we are many...too many!

The "divide and conquer" agenda comes from Julius Caesar.
Divide your enemy!

It's about POWER!.
While people are busy with wars and fighting amongst themselves, something else is happening without them knowing, like a smoke screen
Here in Ireland their trying to do away with the words breast check, breast feed to chest feed and chest check instead doh

It's kinda frightening to think if our body bits are to be dismissed, unheard of, will us real women become a thing of the past also as well uh oh

Anyways, here you go... especially for you Orzz roll eyes

Embedded image from another site
I got nothing against gay and trans, etc, but why should a "woke" 10% minority demand that the other 90% majority, write English in this ridiculous And ambiguous way???There are tautologies, and lexical ambiguities here, that render some sections of this "new grammar" meaningless...shades of George Orwell's 1984 here..

Why should this woke 10% be allowed to subvert, and pervert the Queen's English???

It's crazy when there are people who need Cancer operations and are waiting months for Chemotherapy.
Of course Covid is being blamed but if you are a teenager or younger and think you are a woman in a mans body for instance [I am not anti Gay in any way ] you get seen by a counsellor presto ! ASAP.
IF, on the other hand you are a plain old ordinary person in the street who needs to see a doctor you can be left waiting 3 weeks [in Dublin anyway].
As has been said, these people are not nice, caring, tolerant people, it is all an Agenda, politically based to destroy many of Western norms. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I do believe there are malignant forces behind this false and 'caring' Military style Group. Think of Harry and Meghan preaching about fuel and forgetting they are driven in massive Suvs that guzzle diesel and gas, whilst using the private jet as they please , it is just such a disgustingly hypocritical and judgemental pain in the a**.
I cant believe there are really that many LGBQT+ in this country. And just how many insane labels can they invent. Chromosomes say XY or XX. No matter what form they are in. A male can wish to be female, or vice versus. One either prefers the opposite or the same as themselves. End of story. If I clad myself in feathers and call myself a swan, does that mean society has to go along with it? I get to take a swan into my bed? Last I knew bestiality was illegal. Or do we add a B to the handle?
The woke crowd are either nuts or in league with the elite who seek to divide and conquer. The Emperor uses the woke bull to hide the fact our Emperor wanna be's are just covered with wrinkled skin.
The way I see it Orzz...
you can throw a silk scarf over a goat but it will still be a goat.
Simple as, end of snooty
To give one small to ~ Our Govt. Okd Stamps [very colourful with the word PRIDE ~ it was to celebrate
certain legal Acts that allowed men to marry legally, Allowed them to adopt babies, and Lesbians as well
plus allowed Gay men to give blood. I could go on and on but it is not just a small amount of people behind this Agenda, I agree with you Orzzz They are in the main a rude obnoxious crowd wiho disregard the right of others.
An example for those who believe in God is what they want for theLords Prayer ~

Our Person who is in heaven, and of course the entire Bible is to be rewritten so that it is gender neutral.
That of course will follow t hrough to the great poets, classics , and turn them in to minced meat.

doh I am going to be non Woke here, I can tell a Transgender man a mile away, their hands are bigger, their legs usually give it away and their adams apple, their walk, the size of their shoulders. etc,

I refuse to be WOKE and I still think that whether you are Straight, Gay,
or Transgender, sitting opposite somebody in a Luas [light rail car ] and
kissing and getting s*xual in front of elderly and kids and anyone who has
paid for a ticket is just tacky and shouts 'look at us it's legal'
very mad
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