In Depth Documentary Probes The Most Baffling Question Of Our Day!

More Mystifying Than Origin Of The Universe! More Enigmatic Than UFOs! "WHAT IS A WOMAN???"
The film's Teaser leaves us Guessin' if they ever got it Figured Out.

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miclee ~laugh I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
The WOKE brigade are trying to change legislation here and male and female will not be called that. so how the hell do I buy a horse [just saying] If I say gelding ? I want a horse for covering the other racehorses one with good form. FFS The world has gone mad. I feel sane. ''I am a man because I have a d*ck'' he is defintely a KKK member. Thick as a brick.hug
According to the Bible, man was created before woman. I think that the first question that should be address is "What is a man?", especially since one of his ribs was used in the creation of woman (Genesis 2:21-24).
Maybe the experience of doing that examination would shed a greater light on the topic "What is a woman?"professor hmmm wine
As for me, when eYe see soft features , lipstick & titty, I know I'm getting ..warm..
Meanwhile the USMC has gone woke on the occasion of the L B G t Q, vampire, Ware wolf month.
Damn these vampires ) Mtn Goats
Mental Funeral / autopsy
Govt. Plates./ Death grip.
..also ran. ) Left hand path ) Entombed.

McBob. )...trans sexuality is a form of idol worship that goes thru Aleister Crowley to baphomet the Androgynyne.
Mic, wave I'll get back with you later.
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