the wonderful brightness brilliance of the guitar

Is it because it is Bach (well yes surely in part) but such guitars did not exist then - Torres in the 19th century. What would Bach have thought of his violin partitas or Cello concertos played on guitar? For sure he would have frowned and turned his back on me! But isn't it wonderful music!?

Just listen to the lovely bass resonance - and for that matter the treble!
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Actually her Giuliana was pretty awesome. Wish I had her guitar.
Guiliani of course
I discovered this song a few months ago, and I LOVE the tone that the guitars have here. Chunky. Heavy. Amazing!

Agreed, that's going on my playlist. cool
Try listening to any of Bach's guitar pieces played on an old style "pie plate' Blues guitar...incredible in a surprisingly nice way the chords, the pitch...amazing! I love listening to Bach's guitar pieces.
@merlot trying to figure out Laura Lace's right hand technique at 1min and 2min - sideways hand position and half finger picking. Compare with the economy of movement of the classical guitarist. Interesting.
a fine performance
The Bach Chaconne at 11m, lovely guitar and guitarista alike. So self-possessed and in total control.
It may be a demonstration of skill. There may be easier or other ways. She is tapping with her right hand fingers, not picking. Each tap gives the note at that fret. Although she may tap, pull off or pluck the string depending which note she wants combined with the relevant finger positioning on the left hand.

Another thing is that she only uses the plectrum whereas she could use thumb and fingers if she or someone else chose.

For economy of movement the electric guitar is actually better, even with plectrum only.

Take a simple downward three note progression on the high E string, A,G,F. This can be done with only the left hand in three movements.
With left hand in place, pinky over A, 2nd finger on G and 1st on F#.
Hammer pinky on A gives you A
Pull pinky off A gives you G
Pull 2nd finger off G gives you F#.

With traditional classic style it takes 5 movements.
3 (rapid) picks with right ring finger.
And lifting 2 fingers of left hand.

So all is not what it seems.
She is not using a plectrum - thumb and fingers of the right hand only. Minimal hand movement! Plectrum requires hand movement, classical right hand does not require hand movement except to play higher or lower or harmonics
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