In the 70's, I bought a few record albums of an all female rock band named Fanny. If I recall, their recordings were produced by Todd Rundgren, who at the time had produced several other bands as well as his own group Nazz.
I was moving albums over the weekend to give away most of my collection to a guy who has a few hundred albums and came across 2 of Fanny's releases.
Tonight, Yahoo Entertainment is doing a story about Fanny being one of the first all-girl rock bands of the time. Unfortunately, they didn't achieve the success the other girl bands who came after received.

Filmed in England at the Beat-Club

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I had never heard of this band, until someone posted one of their songs in the forums....

I think their refusal to play up to the sex object agenda that most girl bands did..hindered their success....very talented women....
Not a fan of fanny myself.
Although they sang and performed their own instruments, I didn't see any hit song potential so they were somewhat of a novelty and that explains why they faded away.
At least in my mind, they didn't hold interest.
thanks sharing...

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In America, 'fanny' means: 'rear end'

In Australia/England, 'fanny' means: 'pudenda'

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