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I read a news article where people were surveyed about how often they changed their bed sheets. The average was every other week and single guys went as long as 3 months between changes. I find that unless you are living in a log cabin in the hills of Tennessee, three months to be totally unacceptable. They probably change sheets in prison more often than that!
My mother taught my (older) brother and me to do laundry... every week and that included sheets. While we had several sets, the dirty sheets would be removed and sent to the laundry room hamper. Often, the mattress would air-out for a while before clean sheets would be put on.
Visiting my brother in college once, he had a duffel bag filled with t-shirts and jeans (that was his basic attire) and due to financial reasons would only go to the coin laundry when he ran out of clean clothes. Since it was a dormitory, he could shower as often as time permitted so fear of stench wasn't an issue, especially as he shared the space with 3 other students.
One rock band I was in often did some short travel usually back the next day. We had a week long engagement that was a 6 hour drive so the nightclub provided an apartment for the gigging groups to stay at. We had to provide our own bath towels. There were a few racks for use to hang our towels.
I remember hand washing the towel after each use and near the end of the week the other guys towels were dingy... you can see which one was mine. One of the other guys attempted to grab my towel, "PUT THAT BACK!" I said

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Good Lord...3 months..

That is just nasty...

I am a clean myself crazy sometimes..laugh
I agree. Ew-w-w-w!
My ex-wife had a thing for brown satin sheets. You could shower, hit the bed and the next morning see marks on the pillow cases from skin oil...

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