Matthew McConaughey's passionate speech in the White House press briefing room

The first 22 minutes.

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and the Oscar goes to......
very compelling. This kind of violence breaks all of our hearts but you can't
legislate hate out of the hands of criminals.
This Guy?
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Who gives a rats behind what ANY actor/actress thinks. Once upon a time they were one step above carnies and then only if they did Shakespeare. Instead of talking to congress, why doesnt he go into the gettos and talk to some gang members and tell them to knock off shooting each other. Or is he afraid they might pop a cap into his knee?roll eyes
just political points to play on emotions while ignoring the local agencies are the ones that screwed up. he made good points about values and such. he's trying to soften people up for the rights demonrats want to take. there's always more to screw the people than they say in every bill they pass.

kids are a political tool. demonrats and others don't care about the children, the country, or anything else with it's citizenry.

certain congressional "groups" care about what they can use to to keep and enforce power and control. they want anything to curb and take away rights.

any one notice how education isn't about education much any more? kids think they can do what they want and worse. they aren't taught values, ethic, or responsibility any more. you might be a terrorist if you ensure they're taught at home and protest what they indoctrinate through the educational system.

any one notice how long crime rates have been stoked? division through class and race. riots, looting, murder, and more. seems to be so lenient and promoted that a california city finally realized it's not worth it any more and finally recalled their elected prosecutor for not doing his job. it's all across the country. certain states under certain controls are worse than others.

to let these clowns play on every thing they can, is criminal in itself. it's not just politicians. they will keep their areas safe with what ever security they want. it's their legislation, lack of, and worse that doesn't afford the same to the country and citizens.
He certainly talks the walk, doesn't heuh oh
I think so too C.

He does make sense to make a strict rule on the sale of the powered automatic guns.
he makes the Case about a Firearm which is nearly impossible to get!
IMO he is an ignorant Loudmouth!As for semi-automatics,most Firearms would be banned under Legislation banning them!
He is just another Poser seeking the Limelight!
Wonder how his Moviemaking is doing?
At first I thought he was protecting our rights to own guns, but in a very moot or subtle way he's as misleading as the left are
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