Life's Rewards Are Paid in Advance

From the time you're born, through childhood, when you spent all day playing, eating, sleeping, being cuddled, fussed over, treated like you're so special, til young adulthood when you fall in love and have sex, all Summer off from school, don't have to work, hang out with lots of friends, parties, play sports, go away to camp, the list is endless. Then you start on a rewarding career, start making lots of money, buy a new sports car, meet a great partner, have beautiful kids, buy your own house. Then the kids grow to adulthood, they meet that special person and move out and start their own family. One day, becomes hard to tell from the day before, your knees start to hurt, your partner isn't that young hottie he/she use to be but starts to get wrinkles, puts on weight, You remember what they looked like when you met and you try to find some similarity but it gets more difficult every year. Your kids have kids who call you Grandpa or Grandma. All your friends are either dead or far away waiting to die, or you don't even know where the hell they are or even if they're still alive. You don't go to parties or make love or play sports or hang out at the candy store. Your wife or husband gets Cancer and passes away and you find yourself all alone. Everything you did that you enjoyed is gone.

It's about this time when you start to think about the life you use to have, and you realize that life is kind of backwards. You don't get your reward after paying a lifetime of dues, it's given to you in advance. It's not like waiting for Christmas morning when you can open your presents, you already got your presents.... but you didn't even know it.
Until now.
Now, when it's too late to appreciate them. When all that's left is slowly slipping away.
I wish somebody told me about this when I was 5 years old. I think I probably would have done things a lot differently knowing that I was going to lose it all one day. I wouldn't have taken life for granted and I wouldn't have squandered the things I had that wasn't going to last forever,
Time, Youth, and Health.sigh
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Yes sir. You have elaborated on the recent discovery of the super Position...& Time...
.a) of Creation ) Jeff. Airplane
.b..truth. ) . Beck
C.. there is . | The drells
2. This was . | Jethro Tull.
1. L I F E . | .sly & family stone
...( 1968 version , LP only.)
..also ran. ) . realization .) .rivers...) . . standby.wink
I really appreciate your perspective...I never thought of Life's rewards being paid in advance, and find this concept to be very interesting.
I think that I, too, have been looking at it in a 'Rewards after death' perspective, but with what you've shared I now think that it's both perspectives, in one - rewards in advance (earthly) AND rewards after death (heavenly).

Good blog. Thanks for sharing...thumbs up wave wine
Note to self typing
when trying to remain in a good mood.....
avoid reading a Ooby Dooby blog sigh

I'm sure like with most children you often expressed your wish to grow up, and like when we were all told by our elders, we didn't believe them when we were told, someday we'd wish for these days back again...didn't stop us wishing our lives away either.... we who knew no better, what generation ever does till we feel we're reaching the stage, with all our best days behind us .... or so we think wink

Because I'm not growing old with a partner I don't know any different but I'm taken back on your very morbid look on a couple growing old together.... you mention the hottie is no longer to be seen, fair enough, but what about recognizing the love instead dunno
"Note to self typing
when trying to remain in a good mood.....
avoid reading a Ooby Dooby blog sigh"

Ooby dooby, lots of wisdom expressed here............wave
Wonderful account that inspires us all to look at at life as a whole.
So they say it's a gift, life I mean and we must always look at it as a wholesome experience. wave
wine Didi wink
Normally I try NOT to read into blogs/comments too much....
all for the right reasons of course, however" if I were wrong not to with this one, then my apologies if I made light of something which is a serious matter to you.
Hope you are alright Dooby teddybear

If only we could turn back time and make it stop at a certain hour....
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