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Posting videos of crazy people isn't new. Tonight I see there's actually a Forum for things like this. The story stated it was an Asian man and his white Fiancee walking their dogs in Houston, Texas one morning when a guy started giving them an interracial hate speech.
The couple initially thought it was a joke. He kept antagonizing them so the Asian guy decides to record the verbal attack. That appeared to annoy the attacker who walked ahead, then turned around and continued to harass them. He reaches the corner, stops and blocks their path forcing them to go in another direction.
The icing on the cake: Both dogs were a good size and one was growling while pulling as though he wanted to protect the owner. The aggressor sensed he could have been breakfast should he get too close to the couple.

I'm posting links to both the Yahoo news and the Reddit site where the video was uploaded.
Warning... it contains profanity.

What I find odd is Houston is a major city. I would expect interracial couples to be commonplace.

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It may be common place, but that doesn't change the mind and behaviour of a 'true' racist....sigh
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