WTF, PELOSI's charge was dropped?

(I think it's fake news but, I will double check).

Willy blogged about his arrest which was a legitimate case of drunk driving.

Now the court DROPPED the charges because the footage is missing?

What the hell, this is absurd. For years and years we never needed a camera footage to make charges legitimate.


What a corrupt system we have.

I'm so mad.
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well,I suppose Drunken Nancy swore that he was stone-cold-sober!

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I'm still checking the veracity on the report C.

Not: he killed his brother when they were young because of drunk driving.
It's a rumor and there's no evidence that Napa county Court dropped the charge.
That's funny C.
I fact check it Willy and it's fake news.

We will wait and see because it shouldn't even be a misdemeanor. It should be a felony charge with his drunk driving killing hi brother when they were young.

NAPA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, will be facing an August 3 court date after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI over Memorial Day weekend, according to the Napa County District Attorney’s office.

Pelosi, 72, will be brought before Napa County Superior Court at 8:30 a.m.

“If criminal charges are filed, Mr. Pelosi would be arraigned at that time,” Napa County DA Allison Haley stated. “The case is currently under review to decide what, if any, charges will be filed against Mr. Pelosi. This is standard protocol for any DUI case that is referred by a law enforcement agency in Napa County.”
I would pity anyone whose guilt or innocence was to be decided by a prejudiced juror.

It actually happened in a case when I was a juror. There was a son of a cop who wouldn't even sit with us. He was for the prosecution, and he somehow convinced two girls to abstain with him. The case had to go for re-trial because the judge would have accepted a 10 - 2 result. The case was based on cop's evidence which was not credible.
Merlot there's nothing worse than a twisted judgment based on the decision of a prejudiced juror.

It's amazing how a true judgment is corrupted by the influence of powerful politicians.
footage shouldn't be required any way. the report, finger prints, booking record, the full test with results would be required. video footage would help for certain.

though it wouldn't surprise me, it doesn't seem like charges have been dropped so far.
Where was the defense attorney during jury selection process. confused

And btw areYOU telling ME that all JUDGES never have a bias? Just curious.

It is our profession and our honor to ensure that public safety is a top priority of local government so that we can continue to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy in Napa County resulting in one of the safest areas in California to live, work and raise our families. It is our intent to do justice in this county, encourage crime victims on their journeys to becoming survivors and work aggressively with our community on crime prevention efforts.

- ALLISON HALEY, DA (Napa Valley Ca)

Yes, Dragon, it's not dropped yet. We just have to cross our fingers that it goes through
tell me all about it miss jonesconfused
This high profile elite Lee is the husband of the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. He killed his younger brother as a drink driver when they were in their twentys. He crashed into a fence after hitting an incoming traffic by failing to obey traffic rules. He found in violation of DUI or driving under the influence which is a very serious offense on California. Felony if convicted due to fatality as a result of such violations.
Exactly what I was wondering, how was this guy allowed to serve.

Absolutely not saying that.

Is it unclear what I said?
Well in justice, all the parts that try, investigate, deliberate and decide on any case MUST be absent of BIAS. That's the whole point of having the symbol of the lady holding the scale of justice. We must use no personal influence from us or anyone when we're involved in the application of judgment.
THERE ARE TWO LAWS; 1) for the elite 2) for the peons
It seems that way specially when it comes to to high crimes.
There is sum thing MUCH WORSE than a prejudiced is the invoice
FBI ) and "finders"
Natl. Debt Clock
Uncle Joe Rotunda
Uncle Joe's teleprompt writer
Uncle Joe's press secretary
UN / WHO ) .& World bank
FEMA [ !
JAN6NN ) formerly CNN.
..please stand by...
Truth / Washington
Infectious hospital waste / Demolition hammer
Government plates / Death Grip
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