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A friend texted me to watch live coverage of The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol now holding its first primetime hearing.

Cheney appears to have done her homework...

More to follow.
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It mostly appears there is so much hate for the republic of which the US stands for that these democrat socialists making every effort to change America into a Socialist state.

They have social media brainwashed to believe that the constutional republic is dead and nobody has any say so if you don't follow the current regime.

Almost everything was planned from the investigation of Clinton and Obama. The swamp is running out of cards to play. This Jan 6 bullshit that many believe was perpetrated by democrats dressed up in Maga shirts and hats.

Yet, the media especially crap on CS will twist things so bad to turn it and blame the republic.

People cry about democracy where is it?
Looking at the current state of the country. On Bidens watch so far. When Trump asked for national guard Pelosi denied the help. Instead untrained capitol police shot and killed the girl. Covid lock downs,businesses shut down, the abandonment of American marines in Afghanistan inflation out of control. Oh and let us not forget the bullshit Hunter was doing scamming China with his Barisma company. The list goes on and on of the corruption of the demonrats.

Look how they are sweeping under the rug about the DUI that Pelosi's husband pulled.
The ultimate resolve the Dems have is to say they are in control until they can find a way to once again scam the midterm election in their favor.

Yet, here's the deal in the words of your current leader. The more this group of scammers such as AOC and the Squad Chucky Shumer, the Cackling hen, kameltoe Hairass, the Rinos screwballs like Liz Cheny Mitch McConnell who are creating all this havoc of riots with BLM Antifa the gay parade and even the betrayal of wondering whose side is Chief of staff Milley is on when he stated that boys in the military should be allowed to pack fudge with each other and parade their rainbow flag.

This new world order is chaos imo. This Jan 6 hearing is just another bipartisan sham and a scam to ruin one guy his reputation his family out of sheer fear of losing their power as they currently have.

They tried impeachment and that didnt work either. The more this current circus tries to blame others the more everything seems to backfire. The more they try to plug up the plumbing the worse it gets. Its like a 3 stooges episode as Curly was trying to stop a leak by attaching more pipes to redierct the flow of water only to find he trapped himself within a disarray of pipes.

The stooges in Washington are doing the same.
Well the opening speech was quite something, damning and condemning! Those of perverted persuasion like the previous poster will sadly only be more convinced of their rights to believe the absurd and unbelievable.
Yes, that is an amazing logical response... send in democrats to stop the certification of Joe Biden as president.
No amount of evidence will change their minds.
"This Jan 6 bullshit that many believe was perpetrated by democrats dressed up in Maga shirts and hats."

... and their own assault rifles too. Yeah, that's it.

Since so many believe in the internet here is a take on current poll ratings of your pal Biden and Kameltoe. If Biden is so wonderful why is his current rating they suggest is technically at 37% approval and barely holding. Nevertheless, like those who support or do not support any of it on both sides the real question is everyone on CS doing financially better and feeling any safer walking the streets not having to dodge bullets going to the grocery store or worry about seeing a bus load of illegals being secretly dumped off at night in their back yard? Do they mind paying $5 to $7 a gallon of gas especially are they ok not seeing a cost of living raise to offset this runaway inflation.

Many here especially the old folks are probably on Social Security and it's doubtful none retired with a million dollar nest egg.

Yet, always consider be careful what you ask for you might just get it.
If people are not so happy of the way America is going or how the rest of the world is laughing just remember they voted for it.

Or did they?
You should write your own blog... show your passion for supporting Trump.
i like your blogs.... thanks
for sharing... handshake

Dear CStepford Institute Experts.
.. Quest + ion..) many of you have read the
Honey trap e-mails sent to top R. Supporters by the RNC. ( ..hint, the Scienter is obvious
Part 2...and using your Google friend, how many Democrats suffered any damage at all on Jan.6 ?
...and extra credit. ) you people have any memorial evidence of where & when a select Committee of govt. Incompetents ever found sum thing relevant of anything under the Sun ? comes the sun. ) Beatles
.. psionic Psunspot ) dukes of stratosphere
Corona .) . minutemen
...hint. ) .. Coronal mass Execution.
..also ran.) .NO hope | .the Vaccines.
He ] . blinded me w/ science | Dolby.
Bob... Happy Friday!
Well the rabid Trump'eters fall rather silent in the face of considered evidence, don't they. No doubt they'll resume baying and braying soon enough however, never fear!
And happy Sabbath 2 U...

Anyhoo...not watching Jan6NN...
..but I've heard you like music...
Thus eYe knew you wouldn't mind if I meander
..into Engineer rock & rail...
.a.) ...peace train. ) } Yusuf.
.b. ) train. ) .o Jays
C...) .) . closer to home. ) .g.Funk Railroad
.2....). train of thought.). Dream Theater
1... Locomotive breath .) .j. Tull.
.... McBob. } .. another super Position..
.and the also ran. ) Last* train to Clarksville....mnkee
..*.lmtd. attn. Span Theater. which is more um, enter raining..?.
Jan6NN...or precision Engineering ? ..the question is rhetorical, the Dee jay..dun set his watch on it...
.. p the event of my demise, remember to tell everyone about the great lost technology of the 70's
... pioneer Receivers .. apparently made to order
For select albums....
A...Flame. ) . Ronnie Laws ..{ .our fave.
B. Pink Floyd. ) ..dark side of yonder moon
C. Nazareth. ) of Dog
D. Rainbow...{ ..debut album, 1975
..note.) ...the sound package. ) 12th row Center.
The Dee jay does not support or endorse the
Magic spells in the lyrics. Not a fan of any band,
Yet knowing almost everything there is to know--
About them...thanks to Dave McGowan, Late.
Lead on by the fbi too
It was a big ratings winner. thumbs up
Americans are a strange lot.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Richest irony of of the TV delusion

Orange man is the go to story as Amerika enters the worst depression-- brought on entirely by the largest political party outside of China....the brain dead stubborn donkey.
Memory hole deep See viewers R just now coming into the knowledge of Abe Lincoln...worst president in a field of worsts..( ..of course, Entirely depending on where you lived on the manson- Nixon line.)
And recently, it was rumored that all of government was Entirely compromised & corrupted during the d*ck Cheney admin. And the course did NOT RIGHT ITSELF with the Advent of the Electron Messiah, barry $0etoro.
The leanover / life without buildings
. isolation drills ) .guided by Voices
Get ready.) .new Order
.. also ran.) Fax of Life | blk box recorder.
it's like when trump was in office and things were good, you only heard and saw what they wanted you to hear and see. all they want you to see was bad. so they lie and twist everything accordingly.

then you're supposed to bleet about it as gospel. knowing full well it's all partisan with heavily edited footage, well rehearsed manure. ALL of the other important details, questions, and information left out.

the wrong people are being persecuted but when criminals have the power, shit will continue to roll down hill until it can be changed. it's like watching the fabled communist regimes operate. this is what they'd like the country to be like; under their thumb and rule.

choices include things like, would you prefer to vote for putin: A or B: go to jail. just as an example i saw in 'toon not too long ago. same thing. only it's happening in the u.s. in real time and some of the people are gleeful about it.
Exactamundo poor poor Favor...
...what would people do without those blue & red beams to radiate their olive depleted faces ?
That's so cool how you throw the same meme on 2 of my blogs.
One meme limit please...
Promise just the same one today. gift

Embedded image from another site
You fit the mold. Forget about the other guy...
How far will your never ending support for Trump go?
unless I'm mistaken, everyone on the committee voted to impeach Trump.
It's a hit job. That's all this is. Just another Trump hit job.
Dead Coverage..) ..notes from Joe.

"I'm going to say something outrageous. I think I understand the Senate better than any man or *woman who's ever served in there." 9/13/2013.

* Except McBob, because it is easily proved since the Fed. Reserve Act, the $enate just follows the directions of the Rockefeller | Rothschild banking scheme....) & $pend per the C N. Parkinson laws of bureau acracy.
And as first Foretold by Ripper the Empath
..the yield of discovery and / or criminal referral to a "justice" from the TV drama was a large
Nothing burger with a 32oz. Coke Zero.

A century ago Cyril N Parkinson noted that the null set ...or even less than what bureaucracy triplicate...CON$ISTENTLY.
It's a snoozer. sleep
The hearings are serious as they should be. They are are also very compelling.
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