Things that happen when you are stupid.

For example: I just trimmed off one of my eyebrows. Wasn't paying attention and there was no guard on the trimmer. laugh
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Haven't you learned by now you gotta keep your guard up at any time! professor professor rolling on the floor laughing


Suppose you have to get some eye liner out and about rolling on the floor laughing
Well Grand....first thing is, I just found out even though my face is tanned, the eyebrow blocks the sun out from that area...and now I have a white spot there. laugh Yeah...I thought about eye liner but I am guessing by the time I apply that stuff, it would probably be worse than it already is. So...I trimmed my other side down pretty low and I will be wearing a hat pulled down a bit. laugh
Hmmm....and I was planning on going out tonight for karaoke. hmmm
I suggest a hat down low and ...hmm.. what happened to the 80's sun glasses inside?
Maybe re-lite that one? laugh
Given I'm never stupid I can't rightly comment roll eyes lol
but just popping in to say don't let the eyebrow mishap spoil your night, once there not part of the act... I've no doubt you'll be grand comfort


at least you got away easy!grin
Sunglasses are brilliant....not so sure about wearing them indoors though. lol you are perfect then. laugh

Yes....I am sure the night will be fine. If anyone notices when my hat pulled down low, I will just own it. lol

laugh Conrad....I was wondering if one is worse than both missing. It looks like maybe I did get away lucky. lol I did trim the other one fairly short though to somewhat match. laugh

I hope you got a Klondike bar out of it. rolling on the floor laughing

Not even that Shawn. laugh I am getting ready to head out for the evening. Thanks Robert. laugh

I know of a guy who was so infatuated with a lady that he told her he'd do ANYTHING for her.

She then told him she'd give him some romantic action that night if he would shave off one of his eyebrows."

Without hesitation, HE DID IT!

Sheesh! The things people do for lust, err I mean love. doh

lol....Robert, I am not sure which is worse.
Robert, I would take her up on that offer. would be guaranteed.
The secret is Robert, just pull the hat down pretty darn low. grin

why not just get a big Marking Pen and draw in an eyebrow, or wear big Sunglasses? cool

burger beer
OR get one of them plastic eye glass frames that have a nose, mustache and eyebrows already attached that they sell at Halloween time? grin
The Groucho Marx glasses...laugh . Sunglasses are good. I thought about if I had some dark shoe polish laying around....just put like a shadowy type of thing up there. thumbs up

Robert, you must have pulled a stunt like this in your life? grin

I'd have eyebrows coming out of my a** with those Robert. rolling on the floor laughing
I remember when Covid first raised its ugly head, i was shielded as they say for twelve weeks, so sent for a shaver to keep my hair short. doh i got the combs wrong to fit on shaver and the numbers and went straight down the middleroll eyes leaving a bald driveway laugh so of course had to do the rest.
I gave the stupid razer away and bought a woolie hat to wear until my hair peeked out again.

I like short hair but (no hair)!!!!!!laugh
Keep in mind Johny, you said it not me innocent laugh
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