White guys playing da Blues...

Using my 60 days of free Satellite Radio has me listing to music I never heard before.
They advertised a B.B. King special so I thought I would listen for a while. The channel is blues... the real stuff.
I grew up on British Blues as they had a fascination for American Blues with some shared licks, but a different vibe.

The announcer played a song by Robin Trower... yeah, the same guy who mimicked Hendrix.

It was blues, but not as bluesy as I expected.
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Here's a sample of Robin Trower - Where You Are Going To

I was thinking something more like this:

Son House - Death Letter Blues

Joe Bonamassa remembering B.B. King

The Rolling Stones named themselves after a blues song and always said they loved the blues. They didn't record that many blues songs though. Just a few that I know of.

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