Sham Jan 6th Panel Paying Staffers Double What Regular House Staffers Make – Here Are Their Salaries

It's easy to get people to lie when you pay them more than double what they would normally earn.

The sham Jan 6th panel has made its staffers a lot of money since it started.

They have spent over $2.5 million in taxpayer funds so far — and many of the staffers have made over $10,000 a month for their role.

KRISTIN L. AMERLING – $15,666/month
DAVID B. BUCKLEY – $15,666/month
TIMOTHY J. HEAPHY – $15,666.67/month
THOMAS E. JOSCELYN – $15,416/month
WILLIAM C. DANVERS – $14,491/month
STEPHEN W. DEVINE – $14,491/month
TIMOTHY R. MULVEY – $14,166/month
CANDYCE D. PHOENIX – $14,166/month
LISA A. BIANCO – $13,333/month

DANIEL A. GEORGE – $12,916/month
MARC S. HARRIS – $12,916/month
SEAN P. TONOLLI – $12,916/month
AMANDA S. WICK – $12,916/month
JOHN F. WOOD – $12,916/month
MARCUS CHILDRESS – $12,083/month

MEGHAN E. CONROY – $12,083/month
KEVIN S. ELLIKER – $12,083/month
JACOB H. GLICK – $12,083/month
CASEY E. LUCIER – $12,083/month
ROBIN M. PEGUERO – $12,083/month
SEAN M. QUINN – $12,083/month
JOSHUA D. ROSELMAN – $12,083/month
JAMES N. SASSO – $12,083/month

The spending isn’t over yet.

They are on track to spend $8 million this year — all to go after President Donald Trump and his allies.

According to a Congressional aide familiar with the Committee’s expenditures, it is also on track to spend $8 million this year.

There are 51 staffers working for the Committee who have salaries that average more than double what average House staffers make, coming in at $124,416 compared to the average staffer’s salary of $59,000.

GOP Rep Rodney Davis, the ranking member on the House Administration Committee announced that once the Republican party takes back control of the House an investigation into the Jan 6th committee will take place.

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We have state run media in the USA now...just like N Korea, Russia, China....
never thought I'd live to see this day. The edit the video to fit their narrative and puke it out to us as truth. It's sickening.
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