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Good morning Luke. Love these songs. wave
Luke try the Troubled, version of the sound of silence.

Nice playlist. Good timing.

Sundays are not my best days. Without fail, around 3pm the blues come knocking at my door.

Lekker man, lekker.

I like this song “The Sound of Silence”.sigh
Not bad at all.
Hi D,
Always great to see you and yes Sundays tend to have the same effect on me.
About time you put up a blog D?laugh
Keep those blues out of mind.bouquet
Hi Z
Strange, we seem to like the same genre.
Another Day....

Omg Luke...all those songs are from my time and used to play them on the guitar.

Roger Whittaker I saw at a concert in the year 70, in England
I take it then it goes with your approval, yes?thumbs up laugh
It's very intense. Good morning Luke.
I liked this song a lot: “let me make it through the night”, but all these songs that followed “The sound of Silence” were not “my cup of tea”...I don’t like chaotic anything ...or may be my problem that I am not English...grin
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