Frances Farmer........

This biopic explores the true story of Frances Farmer (Jessica Lange), a mold-breaking actress from Seattle who moved to Hollywood, Calif., and gained notoriety for her unconventional attitude. After being lured to New York under false pretenses, dealing with her overbearing mother and an addiction to alcohol lead to a mental collapse. Institutionalized, Farmer is abused by patients and staff alike. Following her release, Farmer hosts a local Indianapolis TV show until her death in 1970.

Who played Francis Farmer?
Jessica Lange
The film stars Jessica Lange as Frances Farmer, a troubled actress during the 1930s whose career suffered as a result of her mental illness. It also features Kim Stanley, Sam Shepard, Bart Burns, Christopher Pennock, Jonathan Banks, and Jeffrey DeMunn in supporting roles.

Was Frances Farmer raped in hospital?

Farmer recounted her stay in the state asylum as "unbearable terror": "I was raped by orderlies, gnawed on by rats, and poisoned by tainted food. I was chained in padded cells, strapped into strait-jackets and half-drowned in ice baths."

Is Frances Farmer a true story?

Indeed, despite her star-studded career, Farmer's mental health struggles became the center of her legacy in a society obsessed with sensationalism. This is the true story of Frances Farmer, the actress whose battle with depression became an urban legend.


a look at the various significant events that have occurred in the life and career of Frances Farmer, a popular American actress and television host.
Initial release: 3 December 1982
Director: Graeme Clifford
Music director: John Barry
Nominations: National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress, more
Screenplay: Christopher De Vore, Eric Bergren, Nicholas Kazan
Producers: Jonathan Sanger, Mel Brooks.

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