Down Go Democrats: Ex Philadelphia Rep. Sentenced to 3 years in Jail for Bribery and Ballot Stuffing

Former United States of America Congressman and Philadelphia’s political operative has just pleaded guilty to election fraud charges brought against him. United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams Announced today that former US Congression Michael “Ozzie” Myers, 79, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, and conspiracy to illegally vote in a federal election.

As well as orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff the ballot boxes for specific democratic candidates in the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Pennsylvania elections. A specific example is when Myers admitted in court to driving the judge of elections in South Philadelphia, Dominick J. Demuro, and a fraudulent scheme over several years.

Judge Dominic Demuro, who was charged separately from Judge Myers also had pleaded guilty, would certify fraudulent voting machine receipts as valid after adding fake votes for various candidates for Democrats as well who had hired Myers for so-called consultancy services in Pennsylvania.

Demuro had accepted multiple payments between $300 and $5,000 to pump up the votes for Democrat candidates running for various federal, state, and local elected offices, including multiple judicial positions.

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We've all suspected it. How else can you explain it? You just can't. I've met a few people that were anti-Trump, but very few. (One that I know who is very anti-Trump, is also very anti-demoncrat. He has a PhD, but in the long run, it doesn't help, not from my perspective.) So, ballot-stuffing was the only conclusion. Now, if we can get the rest of the ivory towers to crumble, we'll be back on American Soil with American Values again! Yippee!
Yipeee wave
Is this a worse case than the Kimberly McPherson one in NY? What about the Tracey Kay McKee case, where she submitted a vote from her dead mother. Did Todd Krysiak, who voted in 2 states, count as another example?
We can all cherry-pick! It means nothing in itself.
Kimberly McPherson's actions don't 'prove' widespread corruption in the Republican Party. It only proves that Kimberly McPherson committed voter fraud. Same with this guy!
It's these 'leaps of logic' (from all sides) that create division!
You probably don't meet many people different to you are. A lot of leftists are the same, hardly meet anyone pro-trump.
It's hard being a conservative and good to know that there is more of us.
Beware of an anti Trumper they will literally blow up in your face because they love to hate.
it's not just demonrats.

some republicans have been disqualified in michigan from primaries. the argument being used is that many signatures for nomination are fraudulent or duplicate. court ruling, but i haven't seen where every signature was fully verified and most of the largest precincts are demonrat run so they can pretty much say any thing. since it's not anything binding like an actual election, i haven't heard of any legal action other than disqualification.

demonrats can't go fast enough. we don't knwo fi they're just or not. i'm certain some are. i'm starting to think most aren't.
After Trump and his seditionists are locked up, it will be easier to find out his depth of betrayal to his ountry.head banger
that's the biggest problem of all and why the party of criminals are trying to stop trump.

he wouldn't sell out and he didn't betray the country. however, the demonrats and rinos are a different matter and do it all of the time. the real threats to any type of democracy in this republic are thriving while the country flounders in all areas, created from their policies, once again.

this time, more people see it as demonrats are starting to lose their seats and worse bigly.
Poor Raph,pursuing a Storyline he doesn't even believe it himself!rolling on the floor laughing
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