Oh my dear Lord

So I learned just now about this movie. Of certain characters called ABC. What a misunderstanding you're about to see. A love affair involving these three. They are all from different lands. With cultural and religious difference.

C, the male protagonist is from England, B, is of course a beautiful Indian while C, hmmmn an American. Now so the story begins to unfold. A relationship that was foretold. C and A were friends and nothing more, to think of anything else is terrible.

Why? Here is the plot I can be sure of that. A never seeks for anything like love. She's so happy and contented in life and wish nothing to ever change that. She seeks knowledge that's for sure. UFO, the Universe and so much more. Love? That's preposterous, she's not looking and that's absolute.

So this movie is a joke, with all the misleading messages and plots.
But for me I know how it ends, B and C as lovers again. They deserve each other till the very end.

Live happily ever after. And A, too is full of joy forever.

Note: For real, I am never jealous nor seeking any love. I never will. I'm happy as I am. Single and independent. teddybearheart wings
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And I'm back to my learning and seeking what's best for this world.

Hello world. What happened to Tenner? Anyone? And Jaavisst, too?cheers
Do you think they teamed up? beer
You mean the protagonist?
I think so. Just to stir something not worth anything really.
No I had in mind Jaavisst and Tenner.
Connecting singlees .. you know heart wings
I'm not sure but I feel like our family is incomplete without them.
How are you?teddybear
Specally the Malteeeiiiz.

The tall bloke from sweden had similar ideas as me:
move abroad and fix cars as a hobby.

I'm ok lindsy.
Let's go to mails...
Can we leave these silly gossipers in the dark hehe.

Hi Rose!

You still have me, I'm always beside you ...Sis!"
Yeah he's the life of this blog world. Like my brother that I lost many eons ago cheers
Let's do that teddybear
I'm blessed my loving sister. How are you Pbouquet
My dear let's look at all the hidden messages shall we? Hmmmnnn it's getting more intriguing by the minute here.

Quite honestly? This character never impressed me as a lover boy. My dear Lord, friendship is all I've wanted to cultivate. Nothing more..

I repeat, never had the inkling something like this would happen. How funny life is.
I'm fine!! but a little busy with the numbers

(supply, demand imbalance)

Inflation and the oil goes up every day ...

But keep smiling and keep it up.
A word to the wise, Ms Jones professor
women can befriend men with no romantic or lusty notions in mind, men on the other hand...
are a different kettle of fish roll eyes

So if I were you, I'd keep an eye on Grands notions as well uncertain

Ps Oz, before you go getting your knickers in a twist roll eyes
I am only joking.
I'm not wearing knickers, I threw them off.
Ahh.. feels good! rolling on the floor laughing banana

You did wow

Well good for you dude thumbs up

Now all you've got to do for the day is hang loose laugh

Cheerio now, I've me steak for frizzling very happy
Keep being busy sister is good. Life is never boring that way. Can't wait to come visit you. teddybear
I see that Ms. Witch. It's quite amusing how that is. All I wanted was enjoy the camaraderie no more no less.
Free Willy head banger laugh
Seriously. Is this even worth talking about? Well I suppose, it's quite an entertainment really. Too bad, Johnny and Amber's episode is done.
Remember this hit lindsy?
Wow the 80's was so much fun!

Hahaha, same story about vicious rumors. you make me laugh Grand. cheering
the old saying goes...twos company...three is a crowdwow
something from my past...two male friends can be attracted to the same woman...all are single...only two will be a couple...one ends up alone
Yes Lee. A most painful experience sometimes.
And the day is beautiful. Sunny and wonderful. Good morning allteddybear
What a showdoh
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