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My car is a few years old now, but it has some modern gadgets that my previous cars didn't have. Lights in the mirror that notify me when cars are coming along side in my blind spot. Pseudo shifter paddles so I can shift an automatic transmission almost like a manual transmission. An electronic brake feature that keeps a car from rolling back on an incline. Nice feature if you use it. I don't need it in Florida.

That problem is it's linked to the parking brake. The manual handbrake has been replaced by an electronic version... a BIG FAIL in my opinion.
The old mechanical hand brake worked on the rear tires. If you're like me, it was an important device to slow the car without having the car lunge.

I'll explain. Let's say you are speeding... not that I speed, but if you see a cop on the side of the road looking for speeders and you hit the brakes to slow down, your tail lights come on and your car lunges with the nose dropping down. You can see the car making a deliberate attempt to slow down. If you pull the hand brake, you can effectively slow the car without making it dip forward and making the brake lights come on!

Since it's electronic, I'd hate to see what would happen if I pressed the brake button while the car is moving.

On a similar topic, when my car is off and in park. It's locked. So in an emergency, moving it from the travel lane is not possible.
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Right. And sometimes (especially on vw) it fails and you have stuck rear wheels.
As you say: cant' roll it.

El handbrake works like this: an electric motor push your ordinary pads to the rotor.
So no bolt is injected but the break effect is firm! I'm sure (never tried it) that your electronics will tell the E-brake that wheels are in motion so it will NOT be engaged while driving EVEN if you flip it.
Try! At speed 5 miles pr hour. Worst that can happen is that the rear wheels block up as if you slammed the brakes back there.
Yea, pity about the police situation, agree..
Thanks Grand...
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