So the second night of Jan 6 Committee hearing

For me - I stayed up - it was something of a damp squib. Takeaways? I took away nothing much at all. Guiliani drunk? who cares?
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DOJ prosecutions and convictions, esp. Trump, would be a start to cleaning the crooks and lobby money out of D.C.
But one thing that does seem clear is that Trump's lies about ballot stuffing were not merely demented and delusional, they were, are, intentional and deliberate.
The 1st Episode was a Media Flop - 'Bout 95% of Murkuns gave it a pass ... talk to hand

Viewership was roughly 1/2 of that of Ol' Joe's SOTU Speech.
REMARKABLY Underwhelming, As it was Prime Time on the Big Three Networks

More TakeAway -

'Crat POLICIES Are an UTTER FAILURE - So they're doing the Bogus Hearings ...

The ol' "If you can't Dazzle 'em with Diamonds, Baffle 'em with Bullshit" shenanigan.

It's blowing up it the 'Crats' Faces -
The PERCEPTION is that 'Crat Policies have People Hurting like Hell ...
& The Marxist 'Crats in Congress piss away Time & Money on a Slick, Made for TV Soviet-Style Political Show Trial. very mad

Comrade Stalin's Eatin' His Heart Out in Hell with ENVY.

All the MORE Reason to Expect a 'Crat Ballot-Box Blood Bath of Historically EPIC Proportions in the November Mid-Terms.

I know a former Union Prez & Ol' Time Pocketbook Issues Yellow Dog 'Crat -
The Marxist 'Crats now have HIM to the point of "VOTE R.E.D. !!"
i.e. ... REMOVE EVERY DEMOCRAT!!! ... devil

It also highlights the total absence of integrity amongst the Republicans, apart from the very few. Rather than risk the ire of the 45th, they provided tacit support knowing it was a pack of lies. Cheney made reference to this.
Yes. A Big Lie is what everybody can plainly see and hear, but some will not admit, because that is not in their interest. T-Rump Wrecks has conned himself into a corner and has nothing to lose by repeating and repeating his Big Lie. But he does have a constituency that is disturbing. Plutarch said, a couple thousand years ago, that it's not always the Great Man who is dangerous -- it's his flatterers.
You sheople & your shameless regurgitation of the TV pablum. ...FEMA 1$ FULLY ENGAGED.!!
..This is the reality of warp Speed Corona..
There was just one stubborn donkey who went off script in 2020...that Cuomo donkey who told New Yorkers & combined media to be wary of the Vaccines because they are being rushed into production over the Orange man signature.
And if anyone of you CStepford Experts are taking notes... orange man has been tirelessly promoting the Vaccines on tour... usually to the accompaniment of a chorus of B O O $ !
The entirety of Trump's 3 year* presidency is summed-- BEFORE THE FACT- in the Serta sleep commercials..( putting branded sheep to sleep.
*..0n .3/11/20...Trump voiced the maga words..
FEMA is fully engaged. This reduced him again to SAG Actor status.
I was interested to hear Trump's inner circle expose his deliberate lies and betrayal of his oath to the Constitution and to the people.

I read books this year about the election by Leonnig and Rucker, and Woodward and Costa.

These journalists wrote shocking things about Trump's ignorance and lies, which have now been confirmed by Trump's own people. Well done.
apart from the one's stuffed on vidio , we can all see that .
Like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and others who have already been charged with seditious conspiracy, Trump should be charged, along with the republicans who gave him any cover.

Many republicans have asked for pardons from Trump. Only the guilty need pardoning.

The January 6 Select Committee is on their trail as well, and at least some of them will be exposed by name at the coming hearings.

Zoe Lofgren also indicated there is video evidence of Loudermilk leading a tour of Trumpists in the Capitol on January 5. Another GOP traitor to his oath to the Constitution.

Stay tuned. Trump is not only fully as rotten as we feared--he is worse.
and makes Nixon look like a choir boy. sigh
Sadly, that is true.

I watched the Watergate hearings 50 years ago.

Never thought we could have a worse leader than Tricky d*ck. Then Trump showed up and proved us wrong.
No such thing.

If you tell lies you'll get blisters on your tongue.
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