Why I refuse to fall in love

All my life I've been loved or at least I'd say more appropriately as with someone loving me as I love him. However when I divorced my husband of 28 years, I found myself loving more life so full of joys and happiness by being single. I don't need to tell anyone where I am or when I need to go home. I find my independence to decide anything I want without any restrictions and or obligations to explain what it is I want to do when I want it.

There's nothing wrong with being with someone and being loved but for me? Nope. I've been there done this and that and so, I am single perhaps for the rest of my life.

And that's what I just wanted to say.

Thank you for reading and share your story if so desired.cheers cheering teddybear lips heart wings
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You're sweet.

The first part I found hard to understand:

"All my life I've been loved or at least I'd say more appropriately
as with someone loving me as I love him"

What does this mean?
reciprocal love G. You know? When someone says they love you and you respond and love them back. That exclusive belongingness to someone?

A qualifying possibility though, I said that same thing 10 years ago, but then whewww, love came knocking and yes I did allow myself (again) to fall through that magical feelings of being in love.

What I am saying is, nothing is encrypted in a stone so who knows if someone yet again is fool enough to love me. You never know. kiss
When love happens you won't have much you can do about it. It just happens. That's why they say "fall" in love. You fall... then you land some place good, hopefully. wine
Tall that's true, so that means what I just said is kind of bs. Ok then, for right now I'm happy as not have fallen yet. wave
you might enjoy single life but when loneliness comes love leaves you.
I have seen how the 'love bug' works. He won't give you an option when he bite or even nibbles you. Love has no boundaries or limitations even if we sometimes fight it. With the right man you will do it all over again.
My entire life I have been single. Not by choice. I have never been afraid of being married. Only of going through an ugly divorce.
Well I have four lovely children and 7 great and wonderful grandchildren, I think loneliness is going to be a state of min. I hope.
Indeed Luke. One of the mysterious gift of nature to us is to submit when love bites us. I am not sure when but if it happens, I will be very careful. wave
Willy, that's quite a control you've got yourself into.

Do you have any advice?
I think you are in a place of calm, of knowing who you are, when you find that place
it's hard to let go of again, love in all of it's wonderfulness in all of it glory takes a piece of
you, you give it away knowingly, willingly, with all the abandon that love brings, but finding
yourself again after love, or even during love is wonderful, to be who you want to be, to see
what you want to see, to do what you want to do, and to be who you are, yes that is life.
Wow thanks John. So inspirational really.
When love comes knocking I will listen
It's not like there are no offers and or possibilities but life as a single person is full of joy and freedom.
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