A cure for cancer...

Over the years, I blogged about curing cancer many times. Always my thought is why is it taking so long? Answering my own question... cancer is illusive. Hundreds of different cancers that affect people differently. This requires specialized treatment.

A friend and former coworker I've known for 30 years had prostate cancer that required about 8 weeks of mild radiation treatments a few times a week. He beat it, so far. Musician Frank Zappa, wasn't so lucky. Stage 4, he died.
I lost a friend to pancreatic cancer. He received aggressive treatments knowing that only 7% beat this one.

I want to speculate a larger percent of the healthcare field is involved in cancer treatment in one way or another. That means kids going to med school studying oncology knowing their future is secure as no cure has been arrived at. Or has it?

Recent studies are showing cure rated as never seen before.

Okay... POOF! a cure for half the forms of cancer is found and it's not expensive to produce. Does that mean drug companies have cart-blanch to charge anything they want without government intervention? Follow the dream and people are being cured as 'alarming rates' I say alarming as less hospital stay, less medical staff, less in nursing homes, less need for med students getting into the field that deals with cancer.

A prediction is within a few years the entire medical industry that thrives on income from cancer treatment will be collecting unemployment, driving for Uber or loading trucks for Amazon deliveries.

Maybe that's why it's talking so long to find a cure...
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Hello Chat...

I'm an anti-cancer researcher. I agree with your prediction that "POOF! a cure for half the forms of cancer is found and it's not expensive to produce". It's closer than you think. It's here... and it's here now. just not for you, just yet.

Don't be too hard on the medicine developers. It's damn hard work, takes time and can be very costly. There are peer reviews to be done and regulatory hurdles to be jumped. A lot of work is done on a "top secret" basis that you don't hear about as it's never published prior to regulatory approval for use.

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