Say goodbye to Internet Explorer...

Today is the official day that Microsoft discontinues support for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Hard to believe, but IE has been around nearly 27 years and now and it's fading away.
Microsoft Edge has been the replacement for some time now. To help with a few compatibility issues, there is an IE mode in Edge that will be supported until 2029, so if you really need IE on a site where Edge doesn't function, a working version is in the background.

Rarely did I need IE and have been using Firefox for years. Although it's buggy at times, I'm most comfortable with the interface. I tried Safari, but it lacked features. Except for a zoom magnification feature I liked, I stopped using it.
If you are using Google products, I would expect you to be married to Google Chrome, simply because it goes hand-in-hand with many of the Google add-on products, especially things used in business. It's operation is seamless, especially with cloud based applications.

In the event it removes a file (or files) I may need in the future, I don't plan to uninstall IE. I'll only delete it from my taskbar. Out of sight, out of mind.
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IE was a favorite on an nt server i accessed. I presently only use firefox on my mac mini whether I am using windows 11, Ubunto or Mac OS (parallels works. I abandoned fusion when I bought my new mac min using apple silicon.
Remember Netscape? Altavista? The Bulletin Boards? ICQ not to mention FFF and AFF in 1999 OMG Windows 3.1 - I even remember Windows 1.0
Netscape started things off for me. It had a website builder built-in.
gal, some friends did desktop publishing on a Mac as it had the most powerful software.
I was able to use Adobe Pagemaker under Windows and get good results in a non-commercial environment. I bypassed Apple products.

FF, my first computer was a Commodore PET in 1985. We were typing code by hand and saving to cassette. Predating Windows 1.0, I switched to Microsoft O/S around 1980.
1979 was my start in 'PC's with Compucolor/Intecolor, and a version on Gates Basic, then CPM/MPM also with Basic, 1980 Hanimex (Australia) Commodore Pet programming eproms and the accounting packages sold by Hanimex, soon followed 1981 by MSDOS PCDOS also Microsoft Basic. Everyone I programmed for back then went out of business! Wang, Digital (DEC RSTS/RSX), ICL, Burroughs (B6700), Commodore. It's improved by 2-3-4 quantums(/a if you prefer) in the intervening years. I remember being totally underwhelmed by Tandy and the apple-II, mice, and windows 1.0
My first hard-disk (3mb) cost me $3000, and my first laser $6700 - 1980 dollars at that.
I always get a laugh when I see an old science fiction movie and the computers are running reel-to-reel tape!
In junior college, my brother would come home with boxes of punch cards keeping his programs safe.
My first personal computer (ahem) was a Trash 80 with a zippy Z80 processor and cassette storage. Playing back the data stored on a cassette tape was sort of similar to listening to an analog modem connect and talk to another modem @ 56 kbs. yawn

I switched to Apple Mac Pro in 2006 to use adobe photoshop to restore photos with.
I recall Vietnam 1967 the American armed forces introduced/used a punch card system for ordering from there system I refused to pick of 5000 machine guns one day because some had miss ordered and they wouldn't fit in my Landrover...
I turned Internet Explorer feature off a long time ago found in turn windows features on/off located by typing control panel in search. I have also disabled Edge browser.
The big question is what happens to the punched out pieces?
oh they were returned to US stores, was clearly a mistake
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