CS market share in different EU countries

Go by the numbers ...
How easy or difficult it might be to find a date in another EU country (using CS) depends a lot on the market share CS has in different countries. This varies dramatically!

As an example I've checked the number of women 40 and over in few EU countries.

In my native Belgium there now are 378 female 40+ CS members for a population of well over 11 M (of course all ages and both gender).
This does compare favourably to Italy where there are only 395 for a population of 60 M (over 5 times more)
and France isn't a lot better: 466 for a population over 65 M.
Spain does better than both France and Italy with 1095 women over 40 registered for a 47.5 M population.
Yet all of the above turn bleak considering the 3758 Irish women on CS of that same age range in a population of only 5 million... and we haven't got the winner yet, since there currently are 1034 Maltese female CS members in a population of only 441 thousand.

Note: all of the above numbers were obtained on the same day. Selections need to be narrowed down to less than 5000. The easiest method is applying an age interval narrow enough for the purpose.

Another issue to consider is the propensity of any individual to create and use a CS profile. Europeans having moved to a different country are more inclined to date other expats (or migrant retirees) than locals firmly anchored within their community.
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It grows organically - if you are looking at a website, you look to see how many people in your country it represents, if there is no-one within at least a few hundred miles, what's the point, if your interest is social? There's a lot of talk about fake profiles. Could be interesting to set up 10 profiles (is it really THAT easy?) in, say, Poland, then see if the numbers of members in Poland jumps up laugh

(I didn't look at Polish figures, for all I know there are lots already, it was a name at random)
This site is a singles site not a dating sitedoh
CS own words in large print on their opening page.

"100% Free Online Dating Site."
Quote "3758 Irish women on CS of that same age range in a population of only 5 million."

Approximately 500 active this year, less with photo.
The rest are dormant, from 1 to 10 years old.
... obviously true, but the same ratio (only 10% to 15% active) applies for all countries. Imagine what remains in a large country with only a few hundred CS members in the (wide) target age range. Besides, I don't expect this 'activity ratio' to be higher among men.
100% FREE Online Dating Service for Singles!
Not just a Dating Site

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China Rose left out almost all fake profiles, except a few small countries like Ireland.
For the record: all browsers stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player by end December 2020. winkdoh
As a result, all games and puzzles are inoperative since early Jan 2021.

To all ex-gamers: your high scores will be there until CS disables the games ...
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