Blog killah...

It could happen to anyone... post a blog that gets a fair amount of comments. Then one person (often a troll or someone who rarely comments to blogs) becomes the blog killer by dropping a comment, like a fart in an elevator. Everyone drops dead and the blog fades into the sunset!
There must be a scientific explanation why this occurs, I know I don't have that answer...
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mmm i prefer blogs with not many comments so i can get a gist of things but when you have them 4 5 6 pages long doh confused
I would kill my own but grin mine as a rule do not get so many comments peace
Totally agree with you Red. The true meaning of a blog gets lost after about 40 comments in my view.
It's quite a magical act Chat. I don't know about scientific but well, it happens. sad flower
I did a blog about mangoes that received lots of comments and found a few spinoff blogs with complaints about it.

It's FOOD people. What's to complain about?
Well Mangos... There ya go! I think that's a fruit most people either love or hate. Maybe a blog on Florida Oranges would be less controversial Chat?
Been there and blogged it too... fresh squeezed. Pulp or no pulp.
Not so sure if people in general always know what they actually read/want.
And that's where the true meaning is flushed.
Also if its your own blog or indeed anyone elses how can you get the gist of the blog when you have to read reams if comments.

Unless you go off peak a bit you know Mangos then sexlaugh laugh grin
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
A years education all rolled into a blog of 100 comments.laugh
I laugh with you (sex whats that) confused laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

Now mangoes i know grin teddybear
This coming from a man who is the height of ignorance himself.

Better to be a party pooper blog killah then be a hypocrite like you talk to hand
Hello blog killer, was that insult aimed at me?
I'm curious to find out what's all that about Chat. Misunderstanding comes to mind. dunno
No misunderstanding.
I'm curious too...
Several times she's made comments to or about me that makes me wonder "Was there something I said or did that would piss her off?"
Hopefully she'll come around and perhaps enlighten you a bit. It's a little frustrating if you don't know what causes such a riff.
If you two don't knock it off talking about me as if I'm not here ...
I will NOT look for you, I will NOT pursue you
but if you DON'T...
I will look for you, I WILL find you and I WILL kill you smoking

Either that or I will burn your curtains laugh
I don't have curtains.

Seriously, if there is something I said that annoyed you, let me know.
go raibh maith agat
Why ... why do you want to know?
you are the giver and not the taker in home truths so why look for them now?
for a change I'm really not curious about your reasons, however if you need money for curtains, I can give you some?

Not that I'm a softie or pushover scold

But a house is not a home without a pair of curtains.
No offence intended Ms Jones bouquet
but hopefully you'll come round instead.

follow your nose less (as in your curiosity) and open your eyes more.
look behind and see who's not beside you yesterday, and who is beside you today.
then ask yourself why to both findings and if you see the same as I, then you might have a more understanding of what you call a riff wink

Anyways, done here so gnite
Ok Ms. Witch, I'll have a check who was beside me yesterday and today.

Anyways, I wish you a happy day Ms. Witch. bouquet
If your blog is shite, it's shite.
Blaming its death on a troll is a far reach.
Most the trolls keep these crap blogs going, otherwise they'd be dead.
Looking at the blog titles on here daily would burn your eyes.
I agree but you're judging without knowing the reason why the OP posted this blog. It's not his blog that you think it's shit to have been killed. Anyways I won't elaborate as it'd be as polluted as your ignorance.
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