Don't let age stop you from finding true inspiring true story

After Beating Cancer Twice, Louisiana Woman Marries for the First Time at 73 — and She Has No Regrets.

Don't let age stop you from finding true love, 74-year-old Audrey Parker Green and 75-year-old Allen Green tell PEOPLE. After experiencing many of life's ups and downs together, the duo got married in July 2021 — and now they want to encourage other older couples to follow suit when the timing feels right.

"We just want to be voices for the people in their 60s, 70s," says Allen. "Just go for it, because you don't have to live alone in the last part of our years."

Audrey always meant to get married and have children — she wanted four! — but for most of her life, it wasn't in the cards. "I never wanted to marry very young," she says, "but I didn't anticipate marrying this old either." Then, right before her 73rd birthday, she told her boyfriend, "Wow me." He proposed.

Their road to marriage began more than 25 years ago, when Allen decided to call Audrey — who was in a grade behind him in high school — out of the blue. Divorced and reminiscing about the past, Allen had gathered the gumption to randomly ask out a woman he remembered as a very beautiful, good person. "I said, 'Let me take this chance,'" says Allen, a blackjack dealer at Harrah's in New Orleans.

Audrey shot him down: "She gave me such a rough time," he remembers. But he got another chance about a year and a half later, in November 1997, as they ran into each other at an event for alumni of Scottville High School.

"When I saw him, I said, 'Oh my God. Here he comes,'" Audrey remembers. "If he didn't speak to me, it would only be and God that knew that he had ever tried to call me. That's when he approached me and said, 'Ms. Parker, I'm not letting you get away from me this easy this time.'"

On that following Monday, he called her while she was working at a local TV station. "We really had a very good conversation, laughing and talking," she says. "I enjoyed talking to him." They began speaking regularly, or, as Allen puts it, "I romanced her on the phone."

Audrey and Allen would spend the next 20 years dating, but she says "there were a lot of challenges" along the way that tested their commitment to each other, including her diagnosis with colon cancer in November 2002. "I told him that if he couldn't handle it, he could leave, and I wouldn't hold it against him," says Audrey, whose cancer battle prompted her to move in with one of her sisters. "He said that, no, he was going to be there with me."

Allen kept his word. "He was there with me when I was going through some tough times," says Audrey. "When one person is sick, and another person is healthy, that's hard on both parties." They faced another blow in October 2008, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Audrey, whose mother died of breast cancer, underwent a double mastectomy, and found Allen by her side yet again. "We were always there for each other," she says.

There have been great times, too. "What I love about him is that, number one, I'm comfortable. I'm me. We laugh. We have fun together," she says. "We really enjoy each other," Allen adds. "We love each other, and we try to do the best for each other."

So when she told him to "wow me" before her birthday last year, "I just said, 'Well, the time is now,'" Allen recalls. On March 27, 2021, Audrey's 73rd birthday, he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. "There was screaming and hollering," Allen remembers. "I said, 'Now, would you accept me to be your husband?'" And he had to ask her, "Are you wowed now?" The answer to both questions was a resounding yes.

When they finally married on July 16, 2021, "I felt like the queen," says Audrey. Though she has no regrets about their delayed nuptials, her husband wishes they'd said "I do" sooner. "I think it would've worked out good, even if we was married earlier," says Allen.

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Nice romantic read Didi & one with a happy ending heart wings

I've no such story to share but if I were to take a moral from the story it would be pestering and annoying someone does sometimes pay off applause
I guess so...maybe it's HOW you 'pester and annoy' too.grin
Right you are Didi handshake

but love won him his bride, not his annoyance heart beating

Reasons why it makes such a hopeful love story heart wings
I'll just take my moral back and throw it in the recyclable bin lol.

Here's a pic of the happy couple:

Embedded image from another site
well he don't look like him so that's the end of me thinking could it be my favorite soul singer trying to slip by unnoticed dancing

wave Didi
wave Thanks CW. Good stuff!applause wine
Not a problem wine
long ago it was the great Al Green who first perked my ears to soul...
so when I first read his name, I did wonder a little where's Di really going with this lol
Right story, wrong "Al" laugh .
This story inspires me not to give up on finding love, even it's in the form of a 'blast-from-the-past'. sigh
Hey Didi, depending how you look at it, I see love and boomerangs have a thing or two in commonconversing

Love can sometimes come back to you heart wings

And if you don't see it coming it can sometimes knock you out giggle

Anyways you are right not to give up so G'luck with it wine
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