Biden Viciously Attacked Over Report That His Daughter Ashley Biden Had Showered With Him

An extract from the personal diary of Ashley Biden, daughter of U.S President Joe Biden, revealing that she took showers with her father has stirred a hornet's nest. Biden was not only slammed for the inappropriate behavior but the act was also dubbed as child molestation.

Radar Online reported that a Florida woman, Aimee Harris, came across Ashley's journal which she later sold to right wing organisation Project Veritas. She allegedly found the diary lying under a mattress in Ashley's former home in Palm Beach, Florida.

An entry from January 30, 2019, reads, "I have always been boy crazy," she wrote. 'Hyper-sexualised @ a young age ... I remember somewhat being sexualised with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)."

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Was there not a Diary written by her that was leaked to Project Veritas but unpublished by them due to their inability to verify the info? I have also heard that the FBI quickly confiscated that Diary.
There are or WERE numerous videos of Biden when he was VP, inappropriately touching little girls at meetings with the public..\ How 'sad' that a high-ranking Political figure has been seen and 'caught' for such actions and nothing gets done about it, but a regular "Joe sex offender" is jailed immediately.
rolling on the floor laughing Trump lost. Act like men you pathetic losers!
I guess you must be a incestious person too.
What a terrible family , I'd change my name if it was Biden .
The gullibility of some is hilarious.
Was it proven? Wow, what a man this Biden is.
You might want to be careful with unsubstantiated accusations of criminal actions Lindsey.
Are you accusing me of pedophilia Willy?wow
You spelled it wrong too Bumkin.
Interesting to note that there is indeed a word bumkin, one of which I was unaware.
Bumpkin is the accepted spelling, although the 'p' may be silent. /buhm(p)k?n/
Nobody should be surprised at what Biden has done , there is ample evidence of him acting inappropriately around children and adults . A lot of it in public towards children , it does not take an imagination to know what goes on in private . Stolen elections have consequences .
The diary is legit. Ashley Biden lost it. But the bigger story is Joe Biden using his personal Gestapo (FBI) to first go after Project Veritas, and now the lady who found the diary, despite neither having committed a crime. It's pure thug tactics, but sadly this has become the norm now, it started in earnest during the Trump years as part of the Mueller witch-hunt and attempt to take Trump down. They even raided Trump's lawyer's office, for crying out loud, in order to shake him down and intimidate him and get him to turn against Trump. The FBI is not fit for purpose. It is being used as a defacto secret police against enemies of the Democrat Party and enemies of Joe Biden. The kind of abuse that they constantly used to accuse Trump of (without actual proof) is the kind of abuse them and their lackeys have been carrying out for years now. It's always projection with these scumbag thugs - accuse the opposition of that which they're guilty of themselves. God help restore their rotted souls, and splinter the FBI and all other corrupted agencies and scatter them into the winds of history.
As regards the stuff in the diary, it sounds like Ashley had a pretty messed up up-bringing. The allusion to her dad is semi-vague, but obviously if he was showering with her then that's crossing a very serious line. Joe has never been good with boundaries. Inappropriate touching, and commenting on young girls' appearance - there's ample public video evidence. Joe hasn't been shy about it. But this is how abusers often operate. Such outward actions are designed to belittle the victim. It's a power play. It's disgusting. And the abuser tries to dress it up with 'oh I'm just friendly' 'I'm touchy-feely'.
Incompetent sleazy bastard. barf
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I have never figured out why conservatives don't want these things not to have abortions .
Ralphie there was a video of him published sometime ago of him being so close to young girls. Bu I did check the source of Willy and its a legitimate concern.
An accusing a person for legitimate possibilities isn't a crime. One can be taken to court for possibilities. If the evidence is strong and not just malice.
and stupid.
I saw that video where the parent of the girl he was so enthusiastic about pulled the girl away from him.

There's a thin line between adoring a beautiful girl to that of inappropriate actions sad flower
Agreed E.
if you don't question his behavior and seemingly condoning it Ralphie, what do you think is the implications? And for your information, anybody can accuse anybody about almost anything. It's not a crime. If you're slighted in any way, it's your decision to respond.
Its called slander and you can be sued. Public figures Included!

"The Supreme Court ruled that, for a public figure to recover damages in a defamation case, he must prove not only that the statement was defamatory but also that it was made with actual malice"
What is the reaction of Mike Pence? Have people seen the ads for the Pense v***rator as seen on the Bill Mahr show? laugh
To be honest I'm not surprised to read this. I have seen more than one video where he is stroking a young kids shoulders etc. If I had a young daughter I'd definitely not let that person come near her, even if he was family.barf
Go back to pretending you are Captain Q. No one in the U.S. is stupid enough to bother with you.rolling on the floor laughing
Sure, only half the nation. Oh it's nothing....
Ashley Biden is blaming her fathers actions for her drug use , makes one wonder about Hunter , charming family .
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