Grifter is a slang word that describes a person who operates a side show at a circus, especially a gambling attraction. Also, grifters are known to be swindlers as in dishonest gambler, or the like.
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I caught a video interview last night with Michael Cohen calling Trump the greatest grifter in the history of the United States. Some people on CS would not believe that title. Whatever suits your perspective. For years I said he was a 'world class' con artist, but grifter is classier title.


Take it from someone who knows him so well:

Many thinks to Bassador for the link from the Washington Post

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Blog Category is Comedy because it's too funny not to laugh, especially if you caught the asterisk.
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Most politicians are grifters now....

Who else can vote themselves a pay raise each year? Have a cushy retirement with no worries....

Tax the people and the solution to everything.

And, those tax hikes fall on the little people.

I wish they would spend more time...with solutions that follow Economic 101....

You to balance the checkbook....but, then it isn’t really their checkbook is it????

Ask the mother of the 15 year-old who was shot and killed this weekend..while at a music festival for Juneteeth how she feels about the rising crime...As witnesses tell of him crying for his mother as he was dying...

Nothing funny from either side these days..

Have a good your ever growing blogs of picking a side..

Grifter...a good word for scum like Trump...laugh

thumbs up thumbs up

super blog.... cheers
The people no longer control the Federal Government or their state governments. Big money lobbies do.
Now make America grifted again. Donate 100$ to Trump so he can stay at Mar O Lego and get a good laugh at yourolling on the floor laughing
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