It's time to go somewhere new!

The last time I was on a proper holiday was in 2010 where I went to London, England, for an extended weekend break. Yesterday, I decided to finally book a holiday out of the country. My destination? Virginia, USA. When? May 2023.

Flights are cheap now. From Copenhagen to Dulles, with a layover in Frankfurt, and from Dulles back to Copenhagen, with a layover in Munich: $377.. Economy class, so nothing fancy. I will worry about booking a hotel later, right now I'll book the flight and start saving up for some spending money. I'm thinking about $800 should do for a week.

The trip itself is with Lufthansa, an airline I have never flown with, however I have heard good things about them. The flight to Frankfurt is with an Airbus A320neo, which isn't that exciting. The more exciting thing is the flight from Frankfurt to Dulles: A 747-8! A plane I have been wanting to fly on since I was able to walk.

The flight home is with an Airbus A350 to Frankfurt, and an Airbus A320 to Copenhagen from Frankfurt.

But yeah, a $377 return flight to the USA from Copenhagen is VERY cheap!

I can't wait! Hopefully they won't cancel it like my trip to New York back in 2020..
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How long do you plan to stay in VA? Also why Virginia?
I plan to stay a week in VA. I am visiting a friend in Alexandria :)
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