Why the Jan. 6 hearing is a sham

Dershowitz: 'Never Believe Anyone Who Is Not Cross-Examined'

Retired constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Tuesday that to be credible, witnesses must always be cross-examined, and that none of the Jan. 6 committee hearing witnesses has been.

''As a professor of criminal law for many years, and as one of the most experienced litigators, never believe anyone who is not cross-examined,'' Dershowitz said on ''The Chris Salcedo Show.''

''And none of these [Jan. 6 committee] witnesses are cross-examined.''

'It's as if a basketball team was sent out on the court, and the other team is held back and not allowed to present its defense of the players,'' he continued. ''It's one-sided. Don't believe it.''

Dershowitz said that the House select committee tasked with investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol building breach would have been much more credible had it accepted the Republicans initially selected to serve on the committee.

''They would have asked hard questions, they would have cross-examined, they would have presented contrary evidence and then the American public could make a decision,'' he said.

Instead, the hearings are being conducted in an entirely partisan way, Dershowitz said, much as the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings were.

He said that the goal of the Jan. 6 committee is to ensure that former President Donald Trump cannot run for president again.

''Although I voted against President Trump twice, I want to see a fair process,'' said Dershowitz, a self-proclaimed liberal Democrat. ''I want to see a fair election. I want to see no partisan misuse of House committees.''

Earlier in the show, Dershowitz said that when he watched the Jan. 6 committee hearings, the discussion revolved around threats that were made to people during the events of the day.

In light of the threats to conservative Supreme Court justices and their families over the potential overturning of the landmark 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade, Dershowitz said that ''it’s so hypocritical.''

''Threats only seem to matter to Democrat politicians if they're directed against them, not if they're directed against people that they oppose,'' he said. ''We shouldn’t tolerate a double standard: A threat is a threat, violence is violence, no matter who it is directed against.''

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Pray tell - how many of the possible counter-sayers have 'plead the 5th' or simply refused to testify and so face indictment? What do you say?
They refused to testify because the Republicans offered to send Reps. Banks and Jordan and Pelosi said no and hand picked 2 Trump hating Republicans, Cheney and Kinzinger. They refused to testify because they knew it would turn out to be the sham that it has become.
Precisely, Willy. It's an illegitimate committee. Joseph Stalin is rolling in his grave (from ENVY).
This has all been a totalitarian ruse from day one.

The only way the cross exam can be removed: if it's a Military Tribunal

Is this the case, are the Deep Staters getting revenge for the Military Tribunal's
that the The American States have proffered?
We're seeing a totalitarian practice here Willy under the guise of democracy. sad flower
What a shame some dumb Americans cannot tell the difference between a hearing and a court prosecution.

Only to be expected from those in the Trump cult.
The House will flip soon, can't wait.
Speaking of when..where...who...
..now then, conservative, eYes only ..) .please in the name of Joseph McCarthy, come on over for the win.

eYe new it was a sham from a.) ..the RNC* e mails to select Republicans..b. ) .TV heads showed obvious bad crisis acting. c. ) .. buffalo man into your living room with the 3rd eYe.
* .when you employ physical logic to the thing in question, you see a white elephant in a R E D field
Moving left...aka maga.) Latin for magic.
Stop making $ense.) . talking heads
.45. ) gaslight Anthem
Social Q. .} .Cage the Elephant
..also ran.) .killer Joe ) rocky fellers
Hate to bee or play party poop R.
..but alternative 3 .is a living Exercise... standby..
Doesn't history alone & banking by it self..
$how the 2 parties are firmly attached to the Fed. Reserve.- and in defiance of art. 4 sec.4
Attached [ Levi..in Aramaic
Like the 2 fists of George Foreman...
A.) .one for the jab.
.the other for putting to sleep..
This blog is from the words of a Constitutional law professor. I think Mr. Dershowitz knows a tad bit more than you. No make that boatloads more than you.
Yes dumb like Biden of course. And you. But shit you're not even an American.
Willy you think he's getting the drift? Hahaha don't think so.
Those R good talking points for Jan.6
..but one more item.. ENOUGH 1$ Enough
Was the card being played from the Left..
Physical again. ) Enough is Enough also is a
Trump card in the illuminated card deck..( 1996.

The TV show is not the revelation
Said item will not be on TV..or Radio.). ) .
foot in mouth comfort
thumbs down

Does someone pay you for being ignorant or just pay you for saying ignorant things.
If you don't watch, you won't be missin' much. Two RINOs on the committee doesn't help.
This is the modus operandi of the far left, to make ridiculous accusations then ignore. The onus then is on the accused to prove them wrong. This tactic is being used widely these days and that's one of the reasons all the sheep blindly believe what the MSM says.
Hahaha yes Chris, he gets million of dough or why does he say so much ignorant things?
Yes indeed Luke wave
Well pointed out.
I see it time and again when I try to talk to them about the core of what they accuse Trump of... and it always seems to end with calling him names.

To be honest I personally think not one leftie (anti-Trumper) can ever show Trump having done anything remotly as bad as when Biden on tape said "they will not get ther billions if they don't fire that (Ukr) prosecutor" who was investigating Burisma where his son was on the board.
Goes unnoticed by all..{ .save One..

The sheer size of the Government-- at all levels- was the big story of the 20th Century...now made remarkably worse by warp $peed & UN| WHO / world bank.
January 6 Committee is not a sham. It's as serious as cancer. They are exposing criminal behavior never before seen from a US president.

Jamie Raskin is a constitutional law professor. Schiff, Lofgren, Thompson, Cheney--they're all lawyers.

They have the legal chops and they have the evidence and the witnesses.

Texts, tweets, emails, recorded phone calls, sworn testimony from GOP witnesses and others--they have the receipts.

Remember McCarthy had a list of demands before he would take part in any investigation. Dems said okay fine, but McCarthy still refused. So no one can gripe about the committee now.

About 60% of Americans want Trump charged with seditious conspiracy. That's up a few points from before the hearings.

Clear and convincing evidence Trump is a traitor. Never thought I would see a president worse than Nixon.
Folks, this is idiocy at it's finest.
Dershowitz also said the government had a constitutional right to force everyone to covid vax!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
@ Willy
Once again this is not a trial, it is simply a gathering of evidence. It is making the public aware of the facts. Even your own party is becoming aware of Trumps vile sedition.
Taking Dershowitzs statement out of context- he was talking about a trial. Now go back and grunt with your fellow baboonsrolling on the floor laughing
scold scold scold talking to yourself again!
The fact is Jan.6 .was positively the LEAST violent protest of all the BLM / Antifa riots leading up to the new pearl harbor & worse than H20gate insurrection.
Sum of you are so ready & willing to believe everything you see on TV. All the people suffering or killed from Jan.6 ..were Republican. Prove me wrong... should be easy...since I don't have TV.
A waste of taxpayers money, and for what, to try to nail Trump all because they're scared that he'll win in 2024...We're almost in a recession, and all the libs seem to care about is putting their selfish needs ahead of the rest of America.


Shit is partially right wording for him, since he is a hater and shit-stirrer who knows little about the usa.i definitely a class A troll though. could be wrong though. Maybe a class b.
When ppl can't associate past experiences with current events we call that a dissociative mental illness.

Dissociative disorders are mental disorders that involve experiencing a disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions and identity. People with dissociative disorders escape reality in ways that are involuntary and unhealthy and cause problems with functioning in everyday life.

Prior leftist induced scandals:

Russia Hoax- after 35 million spent over 2+ yrs results------Full Exoneration

Impeachment #1-----The House adopted two articles of impeachment against Trump: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate acquitted Trump of these charges

Impeachment #2-----One of the charges...."Incitement of Insurrection" Trump being acquitted of the charges.

Media Show #3 In progress used as a distraction for the upcoming 2022 elections.

Those with Dissociative disorders are not able to understand and or comprehend what their brain is communicating to their tongue.......we call this the Rizargo syndrome. A constant stream of anti-mitigation tactics used to dissuade the readers. As I've said before: Terminally Stupid or Fundamentally Dishonest........I vote for their impeachment laugh
Rizargo - Priceless. One and the same in their stupidity!!
Gentle reminder from Wing Command...
..from the ripping of the Terrific speech, to
Prez. Elect porn Cop..to warp speed medical malpractice, the Name brand Republicans have distinguished themselves as the wimpiest creatures under the Sun.
The beast has gone from inside your TV living room..and with malice aforethought-- into the body & soul of your DNA, and into 1st grade, yeah, pre school, with gender policy pronouns & UN restricted warfare upon you...and you take it all in stride & rather non Chalantly..per the TV program.
At sum point, the raw physics of my reports will overtake you... standby. )..
Better Oblivion community center / ~
Let's eat Grandma ) I'm all ears
Social Q. ) .Cage the Elephant
Fully 98% of Washington DC & 101% of the Pentagon, are at any time 6 daze a week...
Subject to citizens arrest for Treason & RICO crimes.
But there is no Torah and no light in that zip code..
And there are zero non wimpy R's.
Surprise witness for tomorrow with new evidence, could be interesting. tip hat
Both of them pulled by Schiff out of his own Anus!rolling on the floor laughing
Just another fake reality TV show. Smoke and mirrors trying to delude the people that Biden and the Dems have not brought this country to its knees. And bitter grapes by congressmen who cant stand that Trump got in their way and ruined their plans for Clinton dynasty and total control of us peasants.
Except Dershowitz was talking about a trial not a hearing, but I understand that you cannot tell the difference, that takes some intelligence.
Show a little respect for honesty. Trump never believed the big lie and you got nothing but dead policeman and a sedition mob that you like to praise. you got nothing to do with the U.S. anyway!
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