Can I tell you a secret?

What’s the secret? If I told you would you believe me?
I think not, you cannot understand the simplicity of it,
And all attempts to reveal it are written in code,
For good reason, should you ever say it, you would
Be ridiculed as a heretic, and simple minded,
But that code is simple , all you have to do is think,
Christ tried to tell us, and we know what happened,
It’s been told to us for eons, and without effect,
Nothing changes nor ever will.

Do YOU know the secret?
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Shall we share our secrets around a campfire? smile
Bob knows the code.uh oh
Hahaha let's go dear lady, I love that. Campfire it's so inviting. Amongst the whooshing of the trees, the murmur of the brooks and the smell of the forest. Let's go.
The secret is...the good question is about 55% of the answer..
A saucerful of secrets ) .pink Floyd
.b.). This time Long ago.) .guess who ?
C. Yhwh.) ..u2 .) . Antecedent of Time.
2..out of Limits .) . marketts
1.. please standby. ) .the outer Limits.

Anybody here see the fuzzy wuzzy loving [ cult
Explosion..? ..eYe think you missed it..-guess who.
And lets not leave big foot out either Ms Jones conversing
Lets not leave out the rural population..

Rules of engagement; One, whoever sees the other person first is the winner; two, whoever gets seen first is toast.. -Tommy Lee Jones
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