Well your own constitution has you by the short and curlies, doesn't it

SCOTUS: In their collective conservative wisdom they have ruled against control of right to carry. Seems they are also ruling against separation of church and state, and on the verge of ruling against abortion.
You guys seem to be largely proud of the constitution claiming it is divinely inspired. It is pragmatically destructive, and anachronistic, yet inability to change some of it is inbuilt. Hoist on your own petard I suggest. You'll simply have to learn to live with the school murders.
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Separation between Church and State seems to be the main issue here. So does having babies at all costs, it would seem. Inherently ridiculous, when one considers that the human carrying capacity of the Earth, is already greatly exceeded. One should realise, that from the scientific perspective, we are no different to a plague of mice. Most reputable scientists predict a sudden and precipitous drop in the human population, once about 9 billion is reached. In the meantime, let us all pray; and believe some nonexistent "Man in the Sky" will save each and every one of us... however, without America Australia would be a sitting duck, for certain other foreign powers; who are sitting on the sidelines, greedily eyeing off our natural resources. It is not the best system (admittedly); however, it is indeed the best system that we have got...
@lcbr not exactly on topic ...
How will taking the decision to arm oneself for self defense from bureaucrats facilitate school shootings?

The Utter Failure of the Uvalde cops suggests over-reliance on police for protection mayn't be such a Good Idea.


I respectfully suggest, that I'm very much on point, here; since it is the lack of separation, between Church and State, that facilitates much of this madness
See 44:00 - 52:30 ...

Indeed, Mic, planet of the Humonkeys (more correctly)
@mic I understand your lack of comprehension and perception - these are well established. You wrote that, did you not. Ungoverned concealed carry puts everyone at greater risk, don't you think.
Anyway, it is a known fact, that America does not waste undue resources on educating, or providing, for, its underclass...so why the mad rush to produce more of them?....confused

I mean, this can only spell more troubles (of the same kind), in the not so distant future...yet all will be ok (where it certainly wasn't before); because that Invisible Man in the Sky, will, this time, take his job a little more seriously, I mean really? Wtf?

@lcbr it is about the restrictions the American constitution places on Americans which they see as glorious freedoms. It has nothing to do with Australia whatsoever.
The way I see it; many of America's problems stem from Religion, itself...but there is hope: they are the only nation to put Men on the Moon, which (even today) is very impressive, especially, as it was all done with less computing power, than currently resides in your average mobile phone....
There is a difference between watching a drama unfold, experiencng our own neurochemical changes and truly empathising with others' experience. The former is a kind of voyeurism which acts like a pep pill; if the latter were true, there would be a greater movement for change.

The more a drama occurs, the more desensitised we become, like the more we imbibe narcotics, the more we need to get a reaction. The US has to have a lot intergenerational trauma issues (whatever each person's roots) to be so depressed, desensitised and fearful as to not take action to protect their children who have already been born in favour of those yet to be conceived.

Whether someone's history is as an indigenous person under genocidal attack, a colonial invader, a kidnapped slave, or a refugee, America's short, relatively recent history has been brutal. When we experience trauma, we tend to hold fast to the coping strategies that have helped us survive, or helped our antecedents survive, long after our crcumstances have changed and they are no longer relevant.

Reliance upon religion and (perceived defensive) violence is an intergeneratinal coping strategy that will not change without introspection and self-awareness.

Europe's, or any other country's/group's historical trauma has been altogether different, therefore our collective dysfunction is different. Our reactions and coping strategies to issues like school shootings, abortion and violence in general are different. We all, however, need to get to the heart of our problems in order to find preventive resolution.
Well said jac, but isn't it about high time, we sacked this god bloke?....dunno
Anyway jac, haven't seen you around here, lately, so hello stranger....bouquet
Urban, or Oxford defintion of 'sacking'?
PS. Hello lcbr and Fargo. wave hug
Sacking, as in, the common definition of the term, jac

The sooner we accept, that there is nothing out there ,(except the odd alien), the better off we will be....professor
I am, in fact, "a stray alien", so I think this proves my point...

I just had a look out of my window and there's a lot of wonderous stuff out there...and within. grin

Perhaps we just need different definitions so we can still value all that is marvellous, but without the destructive baggage.

Fate and the idea that things happen for a reason are common themes in so many cultures, perhaps there is some truth in it. Maybe positive mental attitude, fake it until you make it, visualising, praying, meditating, 'faith' healing, placebos, wishing, being the change you want to see, etc. are all branches of the same tree.

Maybe we need metaphors to conceptualise the things we're pretty sure, or know exist, but can't see, or explain (yet): 'god' can be what you want it to mean, so where is the advantage in demanding no one uses any concept, or definition?

You might not like (what you perceive as) someone else's concept, or definition of 'god' is, but to insist there is no value, nor room in anything of the like, is rather tyranical.

Where is the advantage in tyranny, whether it's borne of 'god', or 'non-god'?
Well, I don't know about "tyrannical", jac...so let me be more specific... actually, I see god (so-called), as being a convenient excuse, for people (so inclined) to abrogate, from their responsibilities as Human Beings...few have (heretofore), wished to accept the full repercussions of their Own Actions..for this reason, many outsource their problems to a Man made Invisible, Nonexistent Entity in the sky. Now, this was just fine and dandy, while Nature (herself) put up with Humanity treating her like an open sewer, but, alas, now these days are well and truly over. As many wake up, (as if from a bad dream), to find no such Invisible character, has saved us. Infact we find it is becoming readily apparent that we are drowning in our own (self created) shit....Is there any remedy?, well that would involve Man being responsible for his Own Actions, so accordingly, for many; this simple concept has yet to gain widespread traction and acceptability..
Cleverly lifted from context.

Let's try it this way ...
How does allowing bureaucrats to Arbitrarily Decide who gets to arm themselves for the purpose of self defense prevent School Shootings?

The ruling Does NOT stop governing bodies from keeping handguns from certain Defined groups of persons, let's say ... convicted felons -
But it rules that the Right of Law Abiding Citizens to make Personal Decisions regarding carrying a handgun for Self-Defense Purposes cannot be Arbitrarily Infringed upon by bureaucrats.

This is Not Nearly such a "THE SKY IS FALLING!!" Ruling that some folks are makin' it Out To Be -
Those are Mainly folks who've Not even bothered to INFORM Themselves of what the Ruling Actually Did.

That's an Emotional, Knee-Jerk reaction to AnyThing pertaining to Gun Rights

Note, Y'all -
Statements by Ol' Joe & Kacklin' Kamal regarding the ruling made NO Reference to what the Ruling Actually DID.
More'n Likely -
They'd not even bothered to Find Out what it Did & were speaking from Total IGNORANCE.

'SCOTUS: In their collective conservative wisdom they have ruled against control of right to carry. Seems they are also ruling against separation of church and state, and on the verge of ruling against abortion.'

Literally everything you posted here is misleading or flat out wrong.

As regards the Constitution, the wording is very clear: citizens have the right to keep AND BEAR arms. The ruling issued is aligned with the Constitution. Don't like the Constitution? Then work to change it. Oh and btw the areas with the strictest gun control measures are almost exclusively the areas with the most gun violence, and are almost exclusively governed by Democrats. Disarming law abiding citizens while criminals continue to be armed has very predictable consequences.

And the case you're trying to paint as a separation of church and state was nothing of the sort. Indeed it was a case of the government discrimination against a PRIVATE institution, by refusing to allow tuition assistance to students who wanted to attend such institutions, simply because they provide some religious instruction. The ruling was that government has no right to discriminate on such grounds.

Meanwhile public schools have very serious issues, with long declining literacy and competency (mostly among black students), but instead of actually facing those issues head on, the political left has lowered standards, and overtly politicised classrooms with hyper racialized and sexualized agendas while pushing the idea of 'equity' - which of course comes at the expense of actual equality. And it deliberately creates lines of division and anger. It's overtly political and it's overtly Marxist. It's indoctrination, not education. There's also a quasi religious feel to a lot of it, especially when it comes to the profileration of gender identity theory. Read this excellent article - what started in the U.S. is even spreading to other countries. It's pervasive and deeply dangerous and harmful to children. But it's not like communists ever cared for children. They just want to indoctrinate them and make them subservient to a tyrannical state.

And as regards abortion, the ruling, if it happens, will simply send the issue back to each State for it to be legislated on. So elected representatives at the State level will enact legislation, and if their constituents aren't happy then they can be voted out and replaced. It's called democracy. Courts were never supposed to act as legislators, which is ultimately what was allowed to happen with the Roe ruling.
Those behaviours aren't dependent upon there being a god, nor is a concept of god dependent on those behaviours.

What is mother nature, if not an anthropomorphic metaphor, aka, a god?

A concept of a god can just as easily evoke personal responsibilty as abrogate it.

Yanno, I'm no great lover of institutions where the rigid dynamic enables abuse in it's may forms. I understand that collectives by ther nature reinforce beliefs and behavioural patterns rendering change difficult, but if we're going to break cycles of abuse we need to be sure not to do that using the same techniques of abuse.

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but not necessarily their behaviours. Rather than sack god, perhaps we should listen, accept and challenge the bits that are important to challenge. If someone believes a pink and purple bumblebee directs them to shoot school children, the insect is as irrelevant as if it were directing that person to share and care. In both scenarios the bee thing is ridiculous, but only in one does it somehow become objectionable by association...which is also ridiculous.

To call for god to be sacked involves prejudice and discrimination. It relies upon the idea that all people within a certain group, or groups have the same thoughts, concepts and behaviours and that they are inherently bad. That's a remarkably similar behaviour that is found in many religious institutions.
You have no understanding of anything in the usa let alone its constitution. Our constitution does not give us gun rights or any other means to defend ourselves. Rather, our constitution mentions our rights to own guns shall not be infringed.

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Well, let's go back to the "old god", then (which was Nature); at least that makes some actual sense, from the pov of ecology... instead, Man INVENTS Christianity, which apparently "gives him dominion over the Earth, and all things in it"... well does it, really, now?.. personally, I very much doubt it, as Nature (herself), instead, gives Man a well deserved "slap In the face" (so to speak)....And I suspect, that she is only just getting warmed up...
Your assertions of my knowledge demonstrate only your ignorance. This is not a god or religion thread. Desist or bugger off. It is about the American constitution and gun rights, bearing of arms. Next such post gets deleted. Apparently you didn't hear of the SCOTUS rejection of New York gun carrying restrictions.
there is no such thing as separation of church and state. there is only the separation of powers.

the constitution says the rights shall not be infringed. real judges WILL uphold the constitution and/or the laws made by the powers granted to make changes. unless it's illegal immigration apparently.

the constitution is a foundation. failure of local authorities and/or federal agencies to do their jobs DOES not mean infringe on the rights of the people as a whole.

the bill of rights itself, helps protect life. if people don't want children then they should be more responsible with their habits and bodies.

the fourteenth amendment also covers the right to life.

it's also going to help side step the so-called red flag laws should they start to be abused. and we know they will be over time. demonrats know nothing about security or truth. life. or upholding laws and the constitution. most communists don't and won't if they can use it to their, forked tongue, advantages.
That last post of mine confuses two gadflies. An idiot claims I know nothing of USA or its constitution. That is an ignorant assertion, and simply wrong. The other wants to bang an anti-god tambourine.
Well, an anti-god tambourine is surely called for, but I suspect it is too late

Please see mics posting of Michael Moore's "planet of the humans"

Man in his foolishness, thinks he can beat the laws of Nature, Chemistry, and Physics; but the fallacy of this (widely held belief) is now becoming manifest...
@gal check up on the wording of your second amendment, bone up a bit before you go spouting. You have said nothing relevant to the thread.

Ok, I'm not a fully fledged expert on your Constitution; however, where does it say, that your president (Biden) has the authority to impose his Catholic religion, (regarding birth control) on the respective states?
@gal irrelevant comments deleted - stick to the topic
I would be very interested to know where this is stated, in your Constitution
Well, gal seems to have disappeared...confused

Maybe he is researching the topic

rolling on the floor laughing
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