If 'god' had a press secretary...} ..

.tag.) ..and / or if HE had a CStepford profile...wink
..user Name. ) ..no presumption..no fooling.

I am : .yah.
Location.) .10th dimension.) . timeless.
Last on Line : .and the First.
Height.| . awesome.
Body type.| .awe ,+ sum.
Ethnicity.) ..set Apart. | .Qodesh.
Hair color .) . spectacular..+..wavy.
eYe color. ) .clear. blue.
Education. | . Creator + content + cat maker.
Religion.)..kosher physics.) Yahudism.
Occupation.) ..see Cat maker, mountain builder. Rain maker.
Income. ) . Unlimited, unsearchable.
Smokes. ) .I am a consuming fire.
Drinks. ) .. continuously.
Marital status. ) . always available.
Has kids. ) . several million.
Wants kids. ) . maybe.
Sign. | .beware of dog.
.. Distance. | .true North x way up.

This has been a joint Ripper the Empath , wing Command white paper. . standby. ) ..
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Clearly then, God would not be popular at
CStepford Institute for Geezers.
Only me and you would say that. hug
Agent Bob. What's all this Stepford talk? Are you a fan of the story. Please answer yes or no.
The answer is ..NO.
CStepford is an image created by each individual & his ) her ) them ) Ware wolf. ) ..
Based Entirely on their perception of ancient Amerikan TV.
.. meanwhile, the Super Position hertz...
Babel.) *. Mumford & sons.
. random access memories ) .d. Punk.
C. .yhwh. ) .U 2
..2..Norman F. Rockwell } .L D Rey.
1..rock of Ages ) ..A M . Toplady.
*.. original definition; .gate of El.[ . almighty.
.also ran. ) .when we fall asleep, where do we go ? ) Eilish.

Liner note. ) ..as for me, eYe go to the CStepford Country club for 9 holes of danger Golf.
Agent b
Surely most women idolise the Stepford image? Don't they? Life would be so much easier for men.
thumbs up
As for CStepford Institute of policy...aka the blog feature page of Connecting Singles

The image intended to convey by moi..
And directed at those who R too quick to regurgitate & reproduce Television gibberings
Is a dead donkey with a load of coke Zero...) ..that proved to be his undoing....blues
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